Apple technology Web badge trademark license

Apple is pleased to offer you a limited license to use the Get QuickTime Badge, depicted below, but does not transfer title in this Web Badge and its included Apple trademarks — QuickTime and the QuickTime Logo.

Your use of the Get QuickTime Badge on your Web site indicates you agree to the following terms of the Get QuickTime Trademark License and of the Apple Technology Web Badge Usage Guidelines.

  1. The Get QuickTime Badge must be configured on your Web site as an active link back to the QuickTime products web page at

  2. Use the Get QuickTime Badge only if your Web site actually uses, or was created using Apple QuickTime software or Apple Macintosh hardware; and is under a valid license agreement, if required.

  3. The Get QuickTime Badge is intended solely for use and display in HTML on the World Wide Web. Do not use it in advertising/promotional materials, collateral, products, labels, packaging or any other printed material.

  4. Your use of the Get QuickTime Badge acknowledges Apple’s ownership of the badge and the included QuickTime trademarks and such use inures to the benefit of Apple Inc. Apple grants you no other rights in the Badge and the included trademarks than described herein. Any other use may be considered an infringement.

  5. You may not use the Badge or any Apple trademark on a Web page which contains subject matter which Apple may deem, at its sole discretion, in poor taste or to be disparaging to Apple or its products or services.

  6. Include the following credit line on the same Web page as the Badge or on the page where you include other third party notices.

    QuickTime and the QuickTime Logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Get QuickTime Badge is a trademark of Apple Inc., used with permission.

  7. This license is revocable at Apple’s sole discretion. If we find that you are not following the terms of this license or the Apple Technology Web Badge Guidelines, we will give you twenty-one (21) days after our electronic notice to either cure the violation or remove the Button from your Web site. Apple further reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify this license, the Web Badge Guidelines, or the Badge itself, or to terminate this entire program or any aspect of it. You will have thirty (30) days after electronic notice to conform to the new changes and/or guidelines.

Web Badge Artwork

  • If you are a Mac user, drag the image onto your desktop.
  • If you are a PC user, right click on the image and select “Save image as...”

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