Nike + iPod

Stay in Sync


Cool down then see how far you’ve come. Your iPod touch or iPhone 3Gs or later wirelessly sends workout data to from wherever you are on the road. So right after your run, you can track your progress and analyze your performance. If you walk or run with iPod nano, workout data is sent to when you connect it to your Mac or PC.

Compare keeps stats on your every step. Its intuitive interface and great graphics make it easy to see and remember each run and each workout. It helps you track your progress, analyze your performance, break your last record, and see how much further you want to go. And you can check your speed, distance, and calories burned — by run, by week, or by month.

Compete keeps you connected with runners from every corner of the web. And that’s where the real race begins. Use to challenge anyone, anywhere to a virtual race. Run on your own time, on your home turf, then log in to and see the results.