How much does this weigh and how thick is it?

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    I've just bought one and can tell you that it weighs 5.1 oz (145g). (10.6 oz would be nearly as much as the iPad itself!)

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  • It's 5.1 oz and about ½" thick.

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  • According to my postage scale, the iPad Air Smart Case weighs 5.2 oz. That means that the new iPad Air in its case will weigh slightly less than the iPad 4 weighed naked.

    [I have no idea where this other person got an answer of 10.9 - that might be the shipping weight (in its box), but the case weighs less than half that]

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  • the thickness of case without iPad 10.5mm
    after install ipad air, total thickness will be 11.5mm (ipad is 7.5mm)

    I recommend a smart cover (1.5mm) with leather skin (0.5mm), it will be 9.5mm

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  • It is a little heavier than the smart cover. But at the same time it is still a light case. I would go ahead and just say that it is light and has just enough thickness to protect your ipad

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  • Less than a pound and a tiny bit thicker than the iPad air. Haha

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  • check tech specs

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  • Apple has not released specific product information, like weight and thickness, on this product.

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  • According to BB site, the weight should be 10.9 oz and the thickness is 0.6". The weight is heavier than expected for the typical types of polymer cases that "look" similar to his. The leather material is probably of good quality with a nice feel to it.

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