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Harcourts is an international real estate company with over 5,300 members across eight countries specialising in residential, commercial and rural property sales, as well as property management services. Constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries, Harcourts harnessed the power of iOS to develop three cutting-edge iPhone and iPad apps that have revolutionised the way its property consultants work.

“People falling in love with property; that hasn’t changed. It’s the interaction around the property that’s changed — and iPad and iPhone are driving that.”

Jason Wills, Chief Information Officer, Harcourts

Agents of change.

A collection of customised iPad and iPhone apps play a critical role in helping international real estate company Harcourts sell over 46,000 properties each year. Focused on streamlining previously time-consuming tasks, the impact the apps have had on staff mobility and productivity has helped the company not only win more business, but build its brand as a leader in innovation and a great place to work.

GREAT IDEAS IN ACTION Mobilising property consultants.

Harcourts property consultants now have a full range of marketing, research and technological tools at their fingertips, wherever they are. A collection of iPhone and iPad apps enables them to easily create and package customised marketing plans for sellers, streamline business and communications with clients, and complete specialised property management tasks like inspections.

The eCampaign app allows agents to present, build, quote, approve and take action on a property marketing plan — all on iPad.

An important part of any real estate agent’s role is to help property sellers build an effective, customised property marketing plan to maximise the sale price. Harcourts agents previously fulfilled this task by trawling through ‘look books’, brochures and marketing material. Many other moving parts were involved in defining and activating these plans, which Harcourts has now beautifully packaged into its eCampaign iPad app. The app allows agents to present, build, quote, approve and take action on a property marketing plan — all on iPad. With the help of an integrated API, Harcourts also feeds in real-time hyper-local property information — such as recent sales in various areas — to help sellers and buyers make educated decisions about property sales and purchases.

Before iPhone and iPad, keeping track of all the paper-based information Harcourts agents needed on the go was tricky. Now, the Harcourts eOne app for iPad and iPhone streamlines fundamental property processes by giving consultants remote access to local area sales data and a full view of their customer data — including all previous interactions. The iPad version even allows consultants to capture leads for potential buyers during an open house, then email a report to the seller.

Property managers use the built-in camera to capture images for condition reports, and a combination of Location Services and Maps provides sellers with hyper-local property information.

Rob Forde, owner of a busy Harcourts agency in Sydney, uses eOne to keep track of interactions with thousands of contacts. Wherever he is, he can review past conversations and make contact with clients to set up meetings. New information is then synced across all channels of the company’s customer relationship management system.

“To be able to pull out my iPhone in a presentation, click on the application and scroll through all the potential buyers is very powerful,” he says.

Harcourts’s quarterly rental property inspection business has also benefited from the power of iOS. With the company’s eInspect iPad app, property managers can complete inspection forms on screen, take photos using the iPad camera and combine the two using icons on the iOS user interface (UI). After the inspection, the landlord can sign directly on iPad to approve the condition report.

Better mobility and productivity

Harcourts’s development team credits the simplicity of iOS for helping them achieve a fluent six-month app development process. “The SDK platform made it so easy,” says head of eBusiness, Gregg Toyama. “Basically, we transferred all the information, both from our internal products and third-party products, through the API into the iOS apps. To me, that was the easiest part, and another reason why iOS works so well for us.”

Harcourts continues to develop its apps, constantly looking for new ways to move transactional activities to iOS. This will provide Harcourts agents with tools that streamline workflows, drive better productivity and help deliver even better service to customers.

“What used to take an hour can now be done in half the time. The time saving is huge”

Gregg Toyama
Head of eBusiness Harcourts

Having iPhone and iPad apps doesn’t just create efficiency for our business, it helps us win new business.

Rob Forde, International Agency Owner, Harcourts

Ready for business.

With an all-new line-up of iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 9, a powerful selection of Mac notebooks and desktops running OS X El Capitan, and amazing apps for business, you have the best tools to do great things at work.