QuickTime 7 Pro Installation Mac OS X

If you have not already purchased a QuickTime 7 Pro registration code, please do so first.

Entering Your QuickTime 7 Pro Registration Code

Now that you have your registration code you can unlock the advanced features of QuickTime 7 Pro by following these three easy steps. Note: If your Mac has Mac OS X Snow Leopard or OS X Lion, follow the QuickTime 7 Pro installation instructions here.

Register Step 1

1. Open System Preferences

From the Apple Menu choose System Preferences. Click the QuickTime Icon and then click the Register button.


2. Enter your name and QuickTime 7 Pro registration code

Type in your name and registration code in the fields exactly as they appear in the email sent to you without any additional characters or spaces. The Organization field is optional.

Note: QuickTime 7 Pro registration codes consist of five groups of four characters separated by dashes. Use zeros, not Os.

Register Step 3

3. Verify

To ensure that you have successfully installed QuickTime 7 Pro, open the QuickTime application.

Select QuickTime Player from the toolbar, select Preferences and then select Registration. If the information in the registration box is correct, then you have successfully installed QuickTime 7 Pro. If the information in the registration box is not correct, repeat step #2.

For additional help, please visit QuickTime Support.