Apple Recycling Program

Battery Recycling Program

The Apple Recycling Program offers free and environmentally friendly disposal of your Apple batteries.

Recycle at the Apple Retail Store

Bring your old Apple batteries to an Apple Retail Store near you and we’ll recycle them free.

Apple Battery Recycling

Apple’s commitment to responsible environmental citizenship includes ensuring that old Apple batteries are properly disposed of at the end of their useful life. The recycling program covers user-replaceable Apple batteries*. Embedded batteries must be replaced by Apple or an Apple authorised service provider.

When the time comes for you to recycle, Apple makes it quick and free.

Print this label and take it along with your batteries to your nearest Australia Post location. By printing this label, you accept the Terms and Conditions of the program.

▪ Australia Post will provide you with appropriate packaging free of charge.

▪ When shipping more than one battery, it important that the terminals of any battery do not touch the terminals of another battery.

Cylindrical batteries
▪ Use tape to strap these batteries along side each other, like logs in a raft.

Laptop Batteries
▪ Tape should be placed over terminals in “flat laptop battery” types.

Batteries must be shipped according to instructions from Australia Post and using the packaging they provide.

User replaceable batteries include Apple laptop batteries which can be removed by the user simply without having to open the laptop unit. Whilst Apple recommends wireless keyboard and mice batteries of the brand originally shipped with the product, it does accept batteries of this type from other manufacturers.

Batteries must be completely in tact, sealed and undamaged to be posted through this program.

Unacceptable product:
Batteries which are corroded, leaking or otherwise damaged must not be posted under this program

iPod and Mobile Phone Recycling

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Community Recycling Events

Apple participates in community-based computer recycling events held in several states. Find one near you