Apple Recycling Program

Terms and Conditions
Apple Battery Recycling

When shipping batteries, it is important to minimise the chance of an item turning on during shipping.

Batteries must be shipped according to instructions from Australia Post.

Where more than one battery is being shipped, terminals must be taped to ensure they do no not come into contact with other terminals.

Cylindrical batteries
Use tape to strap these batteries along side each other, like logs in a raft.

Laptop Batteries
Tape should be placed over terminals in "flat laptop battery" types.

By printing this label, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this program.

Once the batteries have been shipped, Apple cannot return it to the sender. Participation in this program constitutes a relinquishment of all rights to and in the hardware and other related materials sent to Apple.

Products Accepted
The recycling program covers user-replaceable Apple batteries. Embedded batteries must be replaced by Apple or an Apple approved service provider.

Limitation of liability
Apple provides this service as an accommodation and accepts no liability to any person for any services performed in connection with the recycling offered in these terms, and specifically disclaims liability for lost profits, loss of business or other consequential, special, indirect, or punitive damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

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