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    A few points to note...

    Even though it's getting a bit long in the tooth now, this is a very useful general purpose product for anyone involved in video editing to have in their toolkit. For example, if you ever encounter .MOV files you can enable and disable particular tracks, look at the timecode and metadata annotations, and so on. You can also install a range of third party QuickTime plugin components such as those from Calibrated to work with professional camera formats such as P2 and XDCAM etc.

    When exporting H.264/MP4 you probably need to increase the bit rate significantly if you're working with full res files otherwise the resulting video quality will be terrible. The QuickTime 7 H.264 encoder is painfully, embarassingly slow, regardless of whatever settings you use. But if you choose the bit rate correctly the results are ok.

    I'm not sure but I think the only reason Apple charge for this product is because they have to pay the MPEG-LA patent licensing fees for each encoder they sell (that's certainly the case for their QuickTime MPEG2 decoder component). If there are freeware products that do broadly the same thing they might be free only because they're not paying the requisite fees.

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    waste of money

    I bought QuickTime pro today to convert files from my canon 5d to mp4, but when I export the files the results are terrible. I choose 1920x1080 and mp4, but no matter what settings it looks terrible.
    I waste my 30 $, no money return.

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    Avoid installing Quicktime 7.7.6 or 7.7.7

    Don't install Apple Quicktime 7.7.6 or 7.7.7 because it adds %1 to png, jpg, bmp and psd photo files to the open with list in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 when you try and select the default program for photo files. If you installed Apple Quicktime 7.7.6 or 7.7.7 just uninstall it and reinstall Apple Quicktime 7.7.4 to avoid that problem from happening.

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    QuickTime Pro Upgrade

    Good product as usual, and I don't understand the fuss about buying again if you already had QT Pro... You don't have to buy again when you upgrade to QuickTime 7 it will fine your previous registration code and automatically register you to the QT Pro 7... No more cost associated.... Pick preferences in the drop downs and pick register, there you will see your registration Key and your QT product description

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    Check the dates on the reviews.

    I clicked on the reviews of Quick Time from the main Apple Site and was taken to comments TEN YEARS OLD.
    Mr. Peabody? Sherman? You guys out there?
    Check the dates of these reviews, people...
    Quick Time is great software that does the job.
    And Apple....
    Hey, you guys need to update this antiquated comments link that throws us all into the way-back machine.
    I can't believe that not one person has commented on this software in ten years.
    It's gotta be a bad link or something.
    If it's not, give me some props for saying something and bringing it to your attention.

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    This is awful. DONT DO IT!!!

    I wanted to edit some a video I took on my IPhone with windows movie maker but it the program wouldn't MOV files so I downloaded this to try and do the same thing but it's rubbish. I gave up making the video with QTP and tried instead to convert my files with it, but the end result was terrible quality. I tried loads of different settings and nothing worked. This is so user unfriendly it's a joke. What a waste of £22 and 3hrs of my life i'll never get back.

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    won't record screen!

    I just bought quick time pro 7 for windows and it doesn't allow to record your screen. This is the only reason I bought the program and am extremely disappointed that it doesn't work. I watched several how to videos (there aren't many for QTP on windows system) looking for a solution but the program is just different from the Mac version. I haven't used it for anything else and plan to try and get a refund.

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    Where is Video Screen Capture?

    I purchased this product specifically so I could video screen capture my animated online web work I do. This used to work when I bought this program a year or so ago and I log in today when I want to update my reel and it is no longer a feature? I would like my money back since this feature has been removed and it is the only reason I purchased this product in the first place. I already have Final Cut, After Effects, and Premier. QuickTime Pro is now worthless.

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    Masrur Hossain

    Was very good for my macs but not so good for windows.

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    Crashes every time I try and export my video

    I've used Quicktime pro before so I wasn't expecting a full featured editor. I just want to export my quicktime movie to a different format. However, each time I get about 30% of the way and then it crashes with "an unknown error". I have huge amounts of memory and disk space and have tried pretty much every format possible.
    Quicktime Pro sets low goals and fails to meet them.

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    Infest, Infect, Disease, Spreading its tenticles ...

    Anyone remember Apple's 1984 commercial? My my how things have turned... All I want to do is convert MOV files to MP4 (so I can actually do friggin work). . This product infests your Windows environment so much so that that as soon as you turn on your PC QuickTime engine is busy reporting back to Apple HQ what you're doing who you're doing and what effen position you're in. It's just a simple thing. why do you have to own and control every aspect of my PC as if the whole reason I purchased my PC is just to run QuickTime and nothing else.

    Can you imagine if every other vendor adopted Apples QuickTime bloat ware model? The PC would bog down, and just simply turning the machine on would take hours to power up and gigabytes of transfer of sensitive data until you could actually use your PC.
    Apple why can't I just start QuickTime or any one of your other products, use it, then close it? Why do you always have to be running sitting in the background sucking bandwidth, resources, memory etc.
    Not long now Apple, not long now.

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    Waste of time & money

    After many many hours of attempting to 'create' a film from individual photo's I gave up in frustration. Had I known about the 14 return policy, I would have been there in 3. But now it is too late. The money was not the extreme as far as loss goes; but the wasted hours can never be replaced. I have worked with better freeware.

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    Not buying this product

    I appreciate the candor of the negative reviews. I want to embed movies to my web site that I have edited in FCPX, but I cannot limit the image size. I had thought I might be able to control this with Pro, but I won't take a chance after reading the experience of others.

    FYI I have been using MS Publisher for my web site.

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    Auto "updated" my Pro version to the free version!!!!!!

    I paid for QuickTime Pro awhile back and it was working fine. Then, one day, I launch it to do my thing but the controls I wanted weren't there. Apparently a QuickTime update for the free version auto updated my Pro version. Now, if I want to get my Pro version back I HAVE TO BUY IT AGAIN!!! WHAT???

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    Unpredictable pile of garbage

    This has to be the worst program I've ever used. I had used quicktime pro on a Mac about 4 years ago and it's video editing was limited, but easy to do. I don't know if the issue is with the PC version or whether it has gotten worse over the years, but this program is now TERRIBLE. Just trying to find where you can rotate a video is a battle, if you adjust the size, it randomly decides to ignore your edits. You can clip parts out of the movie and they'll randomly come back or you'll see flickers of frames you deleted days later after you have saved the file. You can trick it into adding titles, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort and after you spend an hour fighting to get an image into the video it will randomly decide to delete all of your video tracks so you can't see anything, yet they're still listed in the movie properties. If you paste in a movie clip of the exact same size of the current video, it will offset it 300-400 pixels and jump your original video over a few hundred too just for good measure, so then you have to dig through the menus and relocated the video back to the 0, 0 position - EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have to use this for work and I've already blown an entire day trying to add titles to 3 or 4 videos and I'm still not done. This program is not worth a penny and I will never ever use it again once I get this project finished.

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    Downloading Quick Time Pro in Real Time took eons

    This review is solely on the frustration of trying to download Quick Time Pro. A tip for young players - do not follow the directions you get after purchasing QTP (they state "Visit the Apple Online Store Account Page. On the "Your Account" page, click "View Order History." Sign in with your Apple ID and password, then click on "All Item Actions" and select "Download Now" as you will not be able to find "All Item Actions"! Instead, you will eventually stumble across a help page which will tell you the right directions - down load the latest version of QT, go to "preferences" (this is under "file" menu) and then put your registration code in there - you will then get access to all the greyed out menu items that are only available for the QTP version.

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    Apple should be ashamed to sell this pile of garbage

    I wanted a professional app for video that I could use in place of VLC. I bought this program thinking that, since it was from Apple, it would be great as are all of their other products. But I'm very sorry to say that it's a pile of junk. Just about every video file that I open with QT7 causes a message to pop up telling me that the audio can't be decoded and that I need to go to the QT site to download. But once I get there, the trail goes cold. I can't return it because I downloaded it online. So, all I can do is forget that ever bought it and never buy another piece of software from Apple electronically again (that's gonna be hard). This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't such an Apple fan. Steve Jobs, if you could only see what the people in charge are doing to your legacy.

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    I think Apple needs to offer a FREE TRIAL of their software products like Adobe and Microsoft! I think the price is okay, but most people do not realize what QuickTime is capable of ESPECIALLY when it comes to video creation, editing etc...so people who do not know what it is capable of can try it for free then when they realize how awesome it is...they will keep the trial. Do like the others do, get all the information, (have customer register) put cc information etc most of the time people will keep using it when the trial is over.

    So GET WITH THE TIMES APPLE! Everyone knows you offer great products, but sometimes we want to try it out first before we make the financial investment; little or big. Just a thought

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I find this software extreamly helpful i love

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    Laggy Player, Poor UX

    I bought the PRO version so I can correct the annoying gamma shifts that happens when encoding to h264. I am using a high end machine and using the Quicktime player has just been an annoying experience since the player generally feels laggy as I scrub through HD video. Manipulating settings in the movie properties panel is supposed to update in real time but it just lags and gives me an overall poor user experience.

    If you want an excellent movie player, go with VLC.

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