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    Musical wonder but technical blunder...

    • Written by from Quebec

    Packaging "à la Apple". Musical quality is better than anything I had had before in this format: Boston Acoustics, Bose, Geneva Labs. Plays louder than I would have thought considering the size, same for the BASS, it's very decent for the size. The sound is precise, just like B&W's MM-1. Me being literate in network settings and audio video connections, I had to look for an online instructions manual as my Z2 would not connect to to my WiFi (Airport Extreme most recent version)... in the end, I had to disable the 5 Ghz to be able to join anything other than the Guest Network. That's a shame, Macs have had 5 Ghz for years now.

    Next, I have not managed to be able to play anything from the dock whether from iPod Touch, iPod nano, or iPhone 5. The Z2 does not switch input either from the button on the back or from the remote. I like the thing and I want it to work, I am starting to think my unit could be defective.

    One other thing, the online instructions mention charging whilst docked with the Z2 off... does not work for me... with it being in a bedroom, I want a WiFi free zone during the night so it's disappointing...

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