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    Sensor is less than perfect with iPhone 5s

    • Written by from DRIFTWOOD

    When you put on the headset while making a call, it switches from phone audio to headset audio. Good, I like that.
    When you put the headset back on your desk it switches back to phone audio. Good.
    The problem is that it does not switch all of your other iPhone audio back to the iPhone.
    For instance, if I put the headset down on my desk and walk in the other room and try to use SIRI, the audio is still connected to the headset. Not good. Also, any other sounds on the iPhone are still connected to the headset including all apps and Music.
    This makes the sensor almost useless because you have to remember to turn off the headset when you leave your office for another room.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works but....

    • Written by from Brisbane

    Apple users should know that the recommended firmware update for the headset is only available via a Windows OS. ( Confirmed with Plantronics Support ) After that it works just fine and is easy to set up , charge , change ears , and voice commands work well. 4 Stars for performance. 2 for online software support for Macs. Average 3.

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