• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Hard Drive!

    • Written by from Hattiesburg

    I have two of these hard drives and I love them both! After having them for 6 months now, I can say they both perform wonderfully. The only complaint I have is that if the usb cable happens to move, it usually ejects the drive. But since it sits in one spot, I don't have the problem.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fast drive -- AWESOME customer service from Lacie

    • Written by from Miami

    Love the drive. Definitely would recommend. Only one issue. The port where you plug the power supply cord into became very loose after 6 months of use. Really scared me. I called Apple Support and they completely "passed the buck" and didn't want to help out. They said I had to go to Lacie for after-sale support.
    Reluctantly I called Lacie. They were wonderful! No questions asked. They said ship it to them, they'll fix or replace and ship back -- no charge. I sent it to them and they had it back to me within 7 days.
    5 stars for Lacie.
    1 star for Apple Support.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I'm sure it's a good HD, but....

    • Written by from Stettler

    Just received my new LaCie HD today, and am quite impressed by it's sleek design. The software that came with it made setup a breeze, and although it's somewhat noisier than my Seagate 3TB Thunderbolt HD, it seems to be a good, solid drive, much like the previous LaCie HD I had.

    However, there is a major design flaw with the drive, in that the light on the front of the unit is ridiculously huge. I have this particular drive attached to the my Mac Mini I have connected to my HDTV. Both units sit below the TV, and when I dim the lights to watch a movie, the LaCie indicator light is absolutely blinding. Then, when the drive starts to read or write, the flashing of the indicator light is impossible to sit in front of. I have covered most of the light with a small piece of tape, which doesn't look so hot, given that LaCie seems to be so proud of their Porche design concept. But it works and so long as covering that ridiculous light with tape doesn't void the warranty.

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