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    Manufacturing problem

    I recently bought a mophie juice pack and I wanted to upload some of my photos via port and I took the bottom off but the glue came undone and a part of my case was stuck to my phone and had to be pried off. This is not suppose to happen.

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    Good case but not without its issues...

    I've had this case for about 8 months now. This case does offer more phone protection as it covers all sides really well. A little too well. In order to access the headphone jack, you now have to use an auxiliary extension cable that comes with the case. The only problem is that these cables give out and a replacement is to the tune of $10 each. After a little research, I found that many users had to replace their cable fairly soon and fairly often. If you don't utilize this extension, most headphone jacks won't fit into the Mophie case. My Bose earphones did fit but the fit was so snug that disconnecting became an issue and I eventually ruined a great pair of headphones.

    When I have found the need to charge my phone, I noticed the case gets pretty hot. Also, it will not charge my phone to 100% (another situation I have found many users have an issue with). My case did come with a charging cradle which I really like. The case does add some weight to the phone but it's what you can expect when adding a battery. Overall, I like the case but I dislike the lack of access to the headphone jack. It offers great protection to the phone but with subpar phone charging. In an emergency it will charge your phone enough to maybe 80% but I suppose that's much better than being on empty.

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    Failed within 1.5 months, got a replacement within a week

    Bought it towards the end of April and in the first week of June it all of a sudden stopped charging when connected to wall outlet or computer. Tried another cable and still would not charge. Also would not "pass through" to charge the iPhone if in the case. I used the pack about once a day to charge my phone, never dropped it and the connector wasn't bent. Contacted mophie customer support and was given a shipping label and RMA to send the unit back, got a replacement unit within a week.

    Three stars for the quick turn around for getting a replacement unit, too bad there is something wrong with this design given the other reviews. My fiancé's has one for the iPhone 4S and it has multiple scars from being dropped, still working after 1+ years. If yours fails for no good reason, then at least mophie will send you a new one quickly.

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    Good, but not quite there

    There are several things I like about this case. First, it does a very good job of protecting the phone. I've dropped mine from standing height on more than one occasion and only have a few nicks in the Mophie to show for it. I get a full charge from it. I only use it as a back up when necessary and it's nice to know I'm not going to be stuck looking for a charger. It adds some heft to the phone, but I don't mind that because I tend to drop it less.

    The things I really don't like about the Mophie are the micro usb port on the bottom and the need for an extension cord to use headphones. These are serious flaws. I love the ability to plug in a lightning cord in the dark and not have to figure out which way is up. Changing the charging system doesn't make any sense other than cost savings for the manufacturer. It makes it much more of a pain for the consumer who bought a phone with a charging system they liked. Speaking of pain, having to carry a small adapter cord in order to use headphones is simply ridiculous. One of the points of having a backup battery is to not have to carry cords. If I'm out somewhere and didn't bring my cord I have to take the bottom part of the case off to plug in headphones.

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    Not for iPhone 5s!!!

    I give this product a 3-star review, because I must be the idiot on this one thinking it was equally good for the iPhone 5s. It is not, nor does Mophie advertise it as being for such. Why 3 stars? Because like other reviewers here must have made the same assumption making the same mistake, so a middle-of-the-road review may sway a few more people in either direction. The product does work. It recharges the battery. However, it does not recharge 100% - it's more like 55-60%. This reason why this could be is that Apple redesigned their battery, and Mophie has yet to release a product that accommodates that.

    I think this product could be awesome for iPhone 5 users, especially if you like listening to Sirius radio on LTE most of the day and it drains your battery rapidly.

    It also seems that the mini USB port does not transfer data, so you cannot sync to iTunes with the case installed.

    In conclusion, if you have an iPhone 5s and you are hoping for that 100% extra charge, you will be sorely disappointed, and perhaps their cheaper product will give you a similar result to this Air. If you have an iPhone 5, I'm assuming the product will work as advertised, and I think you will find what you're looking for here - unless you find the data sync a problem.

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    "ok" I guess

    I had one of these on my old Android phone, so getting one for my new iPhone 5s seemed liked a no-brainer. After getting it, I was surprised at its weight. It's really light, so my concern is it doesn’t have that big of a "backup" battery in it.

    Today, that fear was proven correct. At about 30% normal battery life, I switched over to the Mophie. Although it DID recharge my phone, it didn't do it to 100%--more like low 90's before the battery was used up.

    This to me just isn't acceptable. I would have rather had a slightly thinker case with a bigger battery then this extra light weight case that has a small battery.

    I can't be too harsh however; it DID recharge my phone when I didn't have access to a wall outlet, so it did its job--technically.

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