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    Avoid at all costs

    • Written by from Sydney

    I bought this unit alongside a new Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is a dream – the R6 is a nightmare.

    Within a day or two the first drive went. As soon as that was replaced, so did another. Two out of six drives failing in the first two weeks might not be a deal breaker, as it may just reflect the lower error tolerance of a system like this. But Promise's customer service, their online support system and their insistence that I pay to return their faulty products to them didn't help their case.

    The system would freeze during copying operations, would randomly unmount and eventually not mount at all. Promise's response to my support requests laboriously logged through their very unfriendly site was to replace those two drives but to ignore everything else until they eventually advised me to turn it off and on. (The many discussions about the same issues in online forums including Apple's suggest the R6 may in fact simply be incompatible with Mavericks.)

    The saving grace in this story was the excellent support I received from by Apple staff, who apologised on Promise's behalf (something they hadn’t done) and offered without hesitation to send a courier for the device and refund my money.

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