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    One functioned, one did not

    Purchased 2 adapters for dual monitor setup with mac mini (2014). One functioned as intended, the other did not work at all - tried with several cables, both monitors, and into both thunderbolt ports on the mac mini. BTW, the adapter worked with both single-link and dual-link DVI-D cables.

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    Good, but not recommended for use with Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

    Ordered this item so I can connect a Wacom Cintiq 21UX to my 27" iMac. It works, but the Cintiq would show streaks and blinking pixels. It would get worse especially after waking up from sleep. I got in touch with Wacom and they said that they know about this issue and will not recommend this adapter for use with Wacom Cintiqs. Rather, use Kanex iAdapt DVI adapter instead. I have that one and it works perfectly.

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    If you can, use a DisplayPort cable instead...

    I used this adaptor for quite a while.... Picture quality going from my MBP to my 22" Dell monitor was poor. Shadowing under text, blurry colors, etc. Completely unusable for the Photoshop work I needed to do. The Dell monitor when connected to my Windows PC via DVI was crystal clear.

    As a test, I bought a $10 DisplayPort-to-MiniDisplayPort cable and brought my MBP into the office and connected it to several 22" Dell and HP monitors we had with DisplayPorts on them... Wow! What a difference!!!! As perfect as you would want an external display to be!

    BTW - All of the monitors I tested against were priced under $200 - as was my monitor at home. They are noting but "average" monitors you would mass deploy in a typical office setting - they were not $1000 displays. So I do consider this an (forgive the pun) apples-to-apples comparison. The only differences between the units was the presence of a DisplayPort port or not.

    The only resolution I tested at was 1680x1050 - as this is the native resolution of all the monitors I have access to.

    No doubt to me - if you have the option of connecting via DisplayPort, then do so. While this adapter does "work", it does not work nearly as well as native DisplayPort.

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    Broke within a few Months

    Worked just fine on all of my monitors but broke with in a few months. The apple store kindly replaced it without question when I visited them in person with an emailed receipt. The break seemed to be a connection issue, when the dongle was touched when plugged in it would lose its connection if you touched or moved the computer.

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    Doesn't work with DVI to VGA adapter

    I bought a MacBook Air. I bought this adapter thinking I'd be set, since I already had a DVI to VGA adapter (from the macbook pro I was replacing). However, the two aren't compatible. The DVI to VGA adapter has four pins which this doesn't accept.

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    Apple Lack of Product Knowledge

    Buyer beware.. If you are looking to use this adapter as recommended by Apple for use with your Wacom Cintiq 21U it will not work. Even if you use the included dongle that came with your Cintiq to step the signal down to Analog DVI-I. You will need to purchase the Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter, then a VGA to DVI-I adapter to get your state of the art Wacom display to function.

    I wish Apple would realize the difference between "State of Art" and "Cutting Edge". "State of Art" has the kinks worked out, "Cutting Edge" is nothing more than problematic.

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    DVI only and tight fit

    It's a shame no RGB pinouts are available so if you ever want VGA, you need a separate displayport adapter (external DVI to VGA adapter is not possible).
    Also it is a tight fit especially with a DVI to HDMI adapter of mine.
    Other than that, it works without a hitch for me.

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    Not Compatible With Many Displays

    I'm not sure if the signal from this doesn't meet DVI spec or what but if I try to run above 24 Hertz on my projector (which I use with other computers at 60 Hz, progressive in both cases) I get intermittent static and blinking. I have a similar problem with a Dell LCD when I try to run it through an ioGear KVM. PCs going through the same KVM drive the monitor at the same resolution and frequency with no problem (even if I swap ports on the KVM to make sure it's not a bad port). I figured the Apple brand adapter would be the gold standard, especially based on price, but I'll have to try another brand of adapter now. Weak.

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    NO GO with Viewsonic VX922

    This adapter works with other monitors I have tried, not the Viewsonic VX922. I have two and neither monitor works with this adapter. I have scanned the internet for answers, tried different types of cables and nothing seems to work. Plugged it in to a different Viewsonic monitor at work and it works fine.

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    Works mostly

    Pro: I can plug my monitor into the card through the Mini Display Port so I can still have both monitors.

    Cons: There are a lot of times where either it doesn't work at all, the monitor rapidly cycles pixels on and off or the monitor looks like it has areas of dead pixels. Cycling the power on the monitor resolves the issue most of the time, so it's more of an annoyance. I tested both of my displays, it's the adapter.

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    Sort of worked for a while

    I purchased this DVI adapter for my Macbook's mini display port. It worked with an Asus 24 inch monitor for about three months and then failed. It would work intermittently when it did work. Sometimes it would output a signal and sometimes it would not. I recommend using VGA instead.

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    DVI-D, not the more-common DVI-I

    This adapter provides a DVI-D connection. Most DVI cables and adapters I've come across use a DVI-I connection, which has four additional pins on one side (above and below the flat, horizontal pin). This adapter physically blocks those four pins, preventing a connection. I ended up having to buy a special DVI cable (as well as Apple's VGA adapter) to make sure I could always connect to a projector or display on the road.

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    MiniDP to DVI does not support VGA

    There is no reason why the adapter should not also throughput the analogue signal.

    Neither the description nor the packaging mentioned this so now I sit with a useless (yet expensive) piece of hardware. And I have to spend even more on a VGA adapter.

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    No analog vga

    Adapter works fine on a DVI monitor but will not put out the same signal as my old Powerbook. Using the old DVI to VGA plug that "CAME INCLUDED" with my G4 into the "NOT INCLUDED" Mini display to DVI adapter there is no VGA signal. But you can get a mini display to VGA adapter so the signal is there. WHY does it not carry through the DVI adapter the same as all previous Macs??

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    Only works with DVI-D

    Very frustrating to show up to do presentations and find out that the adapter does not cary the the VGA signals like every Apple DVI port I have seen. Looks like a gimmick to get people to buy $60 of adapters if they need to do both VGA and DVI. Works fine for DVI only.

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    Figured it out

    wondering why your displayport isn't working right? think its broken?
    external screen is not recognizing your video signal? try restarting! i finally figured it out. I have a macbook pro unibody 15". displayport to dvi-d cord to hdmi. I returned my first display port because i thought it was broken.guess not, i have to freaking restart every time for the displayport to be recognized!

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    Misleading Product description

    I didn't realize this was DVI-D (digital ONLY) until I received it and tried to plug it into a DVI to VGA adapter. Way to put one over on your customers, apple!

    Be advised: If you want to use your MBP mini-displayport with a VGA monitor, you'll need a SEPARATE mini-displayport to VGA adapter. This one won't work with any other adapter.

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    Deceptive Packaging, Downgrade

    The package only says DVI. Now granted the baggie is clear and you can see the connector itself, but when buying a new Macbook Pro, I just asked for the DVI adapter, thinking it was as good as the previous DVI output on my last Macbook Pro. Why would Apple remove functionality from a product, right? I mean having to use an additional adapter (and not have it included with the computer) was bad enough, but why would the new adapter not support DVI-I, when all the previous ones did? Especially given that there appear not to be adapters for MDP that replace the ones available for the previous generation. I see none for S-video or RCA-out. I still need to be able to connect to all these things, not everywhere I go has modern video technology.

    I understand the decision to remove the full-size DVI port from the unibody models, but not to fail to adequately replace it with the adapter. And then put a generic label on the adapter not indicating it's less compatible than what it's supposed to replace.

    Oh, and I should mention, mine actually doesn't work at all. I think it might just be a defective unit, but I don't have another DVI monitor to test with right now.

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    DVI-D. D for disappointment.

    It's more than a little upsetting that i now need to carry 2 adapters with me everywhere I go. The old MBP had DVI-I which meant I only had to carry a cheap DVI-VGA adapter but with the new MBP I've had to shell out $90 for the privilege of accessing signals that are clearly available on from the same port.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't work properly

    I've had multiple problems with this adapter. Firstly, anything above 1280x1024 on my Dell 2408WFP results in lots of snow and occasional flickering as if it's having problems syncing the refresh rate. Secondly, it's hit or miss as to whether it actually displays on the external monitor in the first place (regardless of whether you plug the cable back in or wake the MBP) - monitor flashes blue then goes back into power save mode.

    The mini DisplayPort VGA adapter works perfectly at full resolution, so why doesn't this?

    Very disappointing for a small, expensive piece of plastic...

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