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    THIS IS A DVI-D!!!

    so lets get to the REVIEW of the actual product.

    QUALITY: quality is excellent. i have been using this since the day the new MacBook Pro came out. i connect/disconnect this plug to my macbookpro at least 6 times a day; and so far, the connection fit is still tight as the first day. this product in terms of quality is solid! it doesnt feel cheap and flimsy! it is also very light and weights almost nothing.

    MONITOR: im using a gateway FHD2400 (24" LCD monitor) and it works fine. my monitor supports DVI-I, DVI-D, VGA, HDMI, Svideo and a few more.

    IMPORTANT NOTES: MAKE SURE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK/RESEARCH before you buy this connector. make sure your monitor supports DVI-D... search on wekipedia if you are not sure...if your monitor doesnt support DVI-D, then DONT BUY IT and give it a bad rating...wait untill apple comes out with one that works, or an updated one...or simple go talk to an apple genius and see if they can give you a legit reason.

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    Bad product listing

    I am so disappointed. All I want to do is hookup my Macbook Pro to my TV so that I can play home movies, etc., which were edited and compressed on my computer. However, the listing of this Mini DisplayPort to DVI did not make clear that the cable was DVI-D rather than DVI-I. I'm not a pro at these things, but I'm not dumb. If a listing says "DVI-I" and one says "DVI-D", I can figure out that they are different and order the right ones. Thumbs down apple.com. >:(

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    HDMI to DVI Video Cable

    To those of you who are having problems with your connections. Try connecting a HDMI to DVI video cable To the DVI adapter. A staff person at the Apple Store had informed me of this connection. There are two parts to connect ( the HDMI to DVI video cable AND the DVI adapter). I used a 20" monitor and so far I'm happy with the outcome. TRUST ME IT WORKS.

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    Doesn't do 1920 x 1200

    Beware 30" cinema display users... this cable will not do 1920x1200. It will max out at half the native resolution: 1280 x 800. Check out dual link dvi cables.

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    Works but Too Expensive

    This seems to work well so far, which is relief after hearing about others problems. I have tested it with both my Cinema Display, Samsung TFT and cheapy video projector. It is a shame though that after spending so much and a very nice laptop we are forced to pay £40 to be able to plug it in to these very standard devices.

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    52" Macbook !!!!

    Connected it to my Samsung 52" Touch Of Color LCD. I used a DVI to HDMI=Crystal Clear Picture!
    Works great! Worth the Money!

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    Works Perfectly

    After all the hub-bub about where it works or not or whether it is DVI-I or DVI-D, all I can say is look at the picture. In fairness to Apple, you can zoom right into the connector to see if it will connect to your monitor. I agree is might be clearer if it stated that it was DVI-D but this is easy enough to check. I think most of the confusion has come from the fact that there are two types of DVI cable. This is not actually Apple's fault. For the record DVI-I carries Digital AND Analogue (over the extra 4 pins) and DVI-D is just Digital.
    All I can say about it on the down side is I think it should be priced at £15 along with all the other Mini adaptors. Have connected up to various 24" panels in the office and it works great off my new MiniMac.

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    cuts out increasingly often

    I used it to connect my MacBook Pro to an extra display. At first it was fine, but then it started cutting out but could be temporarily fixed by unplugging and replugging it in to the port. Eventually, it got so bad that it would not come back on. I thought my Thunderbolt port was on the fritz, but I tried using a VGA adapter and everything was fine. (although I can't watch HD TV episodes on the external display.)

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    A bad output format, and unqualified technical support

    I have recently purchased a apple 30" cinema display and replaced my 2 year old MacbBook Pro by a new one. As always, apple has once again changed (downgraded) the display output format on the MacBook Pro. The technician at the Apple Store sells me this adaptermMini DIV, but it doesn't allow me to use my screen at full resolution. After wasting a few hours trying to fix this problem, I call the Apple tech support. After making a few tests and going through the list of my products, they conclude that it must be a hardware problem with my computer. So I bring my laptop and screen to the AppleStore, the same one that had sold me the DVI adapter. Eventually, a friend told me that I need to purchase a Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter, 100$!

    The Apple techniciens that I dealt with are completely incompetent, they sold me the wrong product and didn't even know about the specs of their own product. Perhaps if Apple stopped changing their output formats every year, it would be possible to connect a brand new Apple computer to a brand new Apple display without having to order additional parts at extra cost...

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    Stop 'experimenting' with your customers Apple!

    Dear Apple, You did this in the early naughties with the ADC connector, now you're going to fit a barely known, practically untested video connector AS STANDARD to your machines. Will you never learn? Due to your obsession with digital rights management and anything that claims to be able to halt piracy (but won't) you have sold thousands of machines to which you can only connect two screens if you accept that to wake one screen up (the one that's attached via the $25 adaptor that you DON'T INCLUDE as standard) you will have to restart the machine or dis/reconnect the sleepy screen. It boggles the mind, Apple. Just use DVIs like the rest of the known universe and stop playing with your customers minds/wallets. While you're at it, stop producing those butchered USBs with the notch that you can't use with other peripherals. Yours Sincerely, Angry Ex Apple Fan.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    23" HD Cinema to 2011 MacBook Pro (15")

    If you want to connect a 15" MacBook Pro (2011 vintage) to an aluminum, 23" HD Cinema Display (about 2005/6 vintage or thereabouts), this is exactly the adapter you need. Also, yes, your 23" HD Cinema Display will continue to display in it's native 1920x1200 resolution. You can add a second display to your MacBook Pro or use it as a mirrored display. This is what I was looking for (2nd display for my MacBook Pro) and this adapter makes it possible. The only downside is that the adapter cable is so very short.

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    Get this instead of the VGA adapter

    I have a late-2010 13" MB Air and was using the mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter with various monitors. It appears that the VGA timings or signal strength on the laptop are marginal at higher resolutions (1600x1200 and above). The effect is that you periodically get zig-zag bursts across the entire screen. This is the analog VGA signal slipping between scanlines.

    I switched to this DVI adapter, which fixes the problem. However, I'm using a KVM switch so moving to DVI was a downgrade because now I have to switch the monitor separately. I know some Macs can output a clean 1200 lines through the KVM switch and VGA because my 2009 Mac Mini and a 2007 Windows notebook works fine with the exact same setup.

    As other reviewers say, if you are using 1920x1200 or higher resolutions, get the dual-link adapter instead of this single DVI adapter. But below that resolution, this one works fine. It does not have the zig-zag display problem that VGA has.


    If you have a single monitor running at 1920x1200 or below, get this DVI adapter. If you want higher resolutions, get the dual-link adapter. If you're doing presentations, you have to use VGA but switch to a lower resolution than 1600x1200 to avoid the zig-zag problem.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Read if you plan to connect to VGA via an adapter

    I bought this to connect to DVI and VGA sources. I realize for VGA I need an adapter, but what I didn't realize is the the vast majority of adapters for VGA-to-DVI are NOT compatible with this product. It blocks the DVI-I 4 pins around the bar, meaning you'd break any DVI-I adapter you tried to attach. If you get this and you need to connect to VGA, most existing adapters (such as those that come with video cards) WILL NOT WORK, and you will need to buy a DVI-D-only adapter.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works exactly as advertised

    It's an adapter. If you get the right one to do what you want it to do it works perfectly.

    The reason for all those low reviews isn't because of this product. It is because people got the wrong adapter and are blaming Apple for it. If what you need isn't a DVI-D adapter but you bought this DVI-D adapter, guess who is at fault? Here's a hint, it's not Apple.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall great product if you know the shortcomings

    I am using it with a Samsung 245BW 24" LCD bought from Costco. It works perfectly until the computer dims the screen. Once the Macbook dims the screen the Samsung will start to flicker, jump around and never be stable. Restarting corrects it.

    If I never let the monitor dim or go to sleep it works flawlessly. Just be aware that if you are having flicker issues it is probably because your computer went to partial sleep.

    Working on MacBook 2009

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, but...

    Bought today and works great! Hooked up my Macbook with my LG 32' LCD TV. I only have one question: why doesn't this come inside the box with the Macbook? If the port Apple chose to integrate into the new Macbook is not compatible with anything else but this adapter, the right thing to do would be to include it in the box. Apple just didn't do the right thing...Big fan of everything Apple does, but having to buy a 30 bucks adapter is just outrageous!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Does its job.

    I'm using it to connect my 13" MBP to a Viewsonic VX2450vm-LED monitor's DVI-D slot. Works well as its supposed to at 1920x1080 resolution.

    Ignore other reviews that gave this product 1 or 2 stars b/c they bought the wrong product.

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    Dell 24" LCD

    Works fine with the Dell 2405FPW.

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    DVI-D only

    This is only DVI-D not DVI-I so does not include the analogue output. This should be clearly stated, as DVI in general includes analogue. Worse, I brought this along with a MacBook Pro which explicitly states that it works with all DVI devices, which is wrong.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Everything I could ask for

    I bought this along with the belkin DVI to HDMI cable and it works great. The picture that I'm capable of getting is fantastic. A word of advice, if your television has HDMI available then this is the way to go. The VGA cable is good, but requires more from the user to make it work. This thing definitely fits the bill.

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