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    Bought the new macbook this year as well as this adapter and connect to my Samsung LCD TV and it works just fine. Once the MAC detects the LCD TV you're pretty much good to go. Go to System Pref , Display.....be patient wait for a few minutes until the MAC configures everything, go to the top menu of Display and check you optons.
    You also need to configure the LCD TV , and make sure the PC connectivity is activated and that's it......all it takes is 15 to 20 minutes to figure it out....and it's all good.

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    Works as advertised

    This dongle worked as advertised. I picked up the Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter for my new Apple Macbook (unibody) 2.0GHz machine, and connected it to two seperate Samsung 20" 206BW monitors, and both functioned fine over VGA. My reason for only using VGA was that both of the monitors are currently tied up in a dual-monitor setup through DVI to my PC, so this was easy to do and I could just click "Source" to move over to my Mac.

    After reading all the reviews I was hesitant, but I figured i'd give it a try for the sake of hoping it would work, and it does (for now). If your only choice is VGA, this will likely work for you (fingers crossed).

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    Doesn't work with data projectors

    This adaptor is very disappointing. I found that it works fine with some small (20 inch) Samsung monitors that have a VGA input but it doesn't work with any of the data projectors I have in my university department so I can't use my new MacBook Pro (unipart aluminium case) for Powerpoint presentations, which was one of the main reasons for buying the laptop. The problem seems to be that the laptop senses the data projector ( and scales down the laptop display to VGA) but the projector doesn't detect the laptop (and so fails to display the image from the laptop screen). My old MacBookPro (Intel core duo) works fine with all data projectors (using the DVI to VGA adaptor) and I'm now in the silly position of having to use the old laptop for all travel (conferences etc) plus teaching in the university. The wonderful looking new MacBook Pro has to stay at home. Apple needs to issue a firmware fix or a better adaptor as soon as possible.

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    I just got a $3000 macbook Pro for Christmas and finally got this adapter. I connected it to my 28" ViewSonic which never had issues and it worked right away. But the sad part is, that every so often (irregular) the screen goes black for 2 secs and then comes back. I also experienced the flickering others have taked about.
    Apple, please update the firmware for the macbook Pro soon!


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    Nice !

    It's working well for my 17" proview screen. 40 secs to take it out of the box and make it work. I didn't need to configure it. BUT ATTENTION: for those that have 20" screen or more, It may be better to go with the DVI output because the frequency of refresh is better for bigger screens. And for tv, it might not work with all tv. For example, some Samsung TV dont work properly with it ! But for me: IT'S AWESOME

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    Works perfectly!

    This cable adapter works great! I bought it so I could connect my Samsung SyncMaster 17" LCD monitor and have more space for editing with Final Cut Express. It's easy to set up and it makes editing so much better now.

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    Does not work with Samsung LN46A550

    I own a 46" Samsung LN46A550 LCD TV and this cable does not work with it. The System Preferences on the mac detects the monitor but the cable won't output my Macbook Pro screen. What a waste of money

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    No go with Samsung LCD

    Thought I would put in my two cents. I purchased this adapter in order to use it with my 46" LCD Samsung only to have the same problem as most people here.

    Macbook detects the TV but the TV can't detect the macbook. I tried many things with no success. I called Apple and they told me that I would have to call Samsung to see what they could do since it was a problem at their end (I don't believe that for a second).

    I'm hoping for a firmware/driver update that can fix this. Otherwise, when Monoprice comes out with their mini display port to HDMI adapter, I'll just buy that instead.

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    Skeptical, but bought anyways

    So I read all the reviews and a ton of people seem to be having trouble with this adapter. It worked on my Sony WEGA Bravia 40" without any issues. I plugged the VGA cable into the adapter first and then plugged it into my unibody macbook 13". The screen on the laptop blinked and the imaged displayed on the tv. So far so good...keeping my fingers crossed

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    Works but.....

    The adaptor works, but why not simply make a mini display port to hdmi cable? It would be cheaper and eliminate the big ugly connector needed to hook 2 disparate cables together. Come on Apple. After creating the beauty that is the new MacBook, you shortcut the cables?

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    Worked straight out the box

    Worked np with a panasonic TH-42PX80BA 42" plasma.

    Those that are having problems check you mac is set at the correct resolution for the LCD/Plasma that you are using.

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    Does Not Work

    Does not work with 46 inch samsung. Sees it but cant display anything

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    works amazing

    works and looks great

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    Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter to VGA Monitor

    I'm using the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter to connect my new MacBook to an old, but perfectly functional, Nokia 446XPro 19" CRT. It works at all supported resolutions through 1600 x 1200 @ 65 Hz just fine (I use it at 1280 x 1024 @ 85 Hz). The picture on the CRT looks slightly less sharp than my old iBookG4 did at the same resolution, but not enough to spring for a new Apple LED Cinema Display (yet).

    I haven't connected it to any other monitor.

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    Not Working with 42 inch Samsung Plasma

    I had already bought a mini dvi to vga adaptor and worked out that it was the wrong one for my late 2008 macbook pro.
    Then I Bought this making sure that it fitted and everything, came in the post about 2-3 days later...
    Fitted and everything just wasnt working on my samsung 42 inch Plasma hdtv
    As i can see many other people have had this problem,
    check before you buy is my answer!

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    Pioneer TV

    Worked perfectly out of the box, directly connected to pdp-pioneer TVs series 508 XD VGA and worked easily (even the right LCD TV was detected in display settings with all possible settings, colors, ...) a breeze.

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    Does not work properly

    When I use this adapter with my 24 inch Acer P241W screen, it mostly works but I lose signal randomly every 10-15 minutes. Tried with other screens with the same result. The same screen works perfectly with a Dell laptop. Also the adapter is too expensive for what it is.

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    Works as expected

    I have my HP w1907 connected to my new macbook via this cable, and it works as expected. Colours look fine and I'm now up and running with both the HP monitor and macbook working side by side. Prior to this, I had my old macbook running on the same set up, but with the mini-dvi cable instead.

    Not too sure what the difficulties are that others seem to be facing.

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    So it's not just me...

    The adapter works okay, but every so often I get a waver in my display (I am running an HP w2408h like another reviewer, but it works for me). Also, periodically the display will flick off and then on again. It seems to be a resolution issue. When I downgraded to the next-lowest resolution the blink off and then on seems to have stopped.

    I'm a little annoyed that Apple can't get something so simple right. It's a display adapter, people. At the very least get the screws to fit into the adapter!

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    Works beautifully

    Showing off iPhoto Albums with Front Row using the apple IR remote is the best. Works on a 37" JVC LCD TV. Works perfect on this TV with a MBP unibody and the Photos look awesome. At first the TV said invalid signal but after changing the refresh rate which the software knew it was one of two possibilities, it worked.

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