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    Works well, but power-hungry

    I bought this to use at work, connecting to a wired network. The device works well, and I've had no issues with networking. However, it does use a lot of power, heating up considerably, which means it's using most of the USB power available, so although there's a useful extra USB port provided, you wouldn't want to have anything attached that draws power. Also, you'll notice considerable battery drain, so access to a power outlet for your charger may be necessary.

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    Works really flawless

    I got one today as i think my ethernet port is broken. The sales man said it could get the speed of USB 2 so i was thinking about the 450Mbs but never really gets to that speed. did some tests. First day i got it it went to about 6.7 MB/s, today i just went to 4.7 MB/s. My wifi is even faster, only problem is i use this for my lacie cloudbox and using wifi makes the finder stop every time.

    But the device works very easily, simply plugin n play. Im going to try a USB 2 10/100/100 as well and see what this does. Wish they hadnt put the ethernet port directly on the logic board. Pretty expensive repair for such a small thing!!!

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    Does job ok. Needs updating.

    Seems to work fine. Had it on the desk for 3 months with everyday use. Had a slight issue with the USB being recognised when slotted in, but not sure if that's the port on the new MBA or the adaptor. Mainly just find that USB 2.0 and 100/T is all very slow and old tech. I know that there's a 1000/T thunderbolt, but I'm using that port already.. come on apple, time for an update.

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    Confusing setup on Snow Leopard

    Snow Leopard recognizes the device immediately. But even though it seems to be able to handle the presence of the device, it won't recognize an active Ethernet cable is connected. Only after repeated reboots with various attempts did the device finally work as required.
    Otherwise, it seems to get the job done, albeit in a somewhat overpriced fashion. It works just fine with a 2-meter USB extension cable between it and a MacBook Air.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It gets the job done.

    Pros -
    Bootcamp driver.
    Plug and play

    Cons -
    Works only with Air
    Very slow for today's use.
    Does not take advantage of USB 2.0 speed (maxes out at 100mbps).
    Could be smaller.

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    Functional, but slow

    I purchased this product for an end-user who purchased a MacBook Air (has no ethernet adapter onboard)... First thought was to use wired internet to download all updates/applications, however was disappointed - download speed was 60 kbps (have had download speeds up to 10 mbps on connection), so switched to wireless, which gave 1.0 mbps on same download. Wireless is much faster then ethernet can handle with this adapter. Only way I see this adapter worth while is if wireless is completely unavailable on your network...

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