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    Works if you can find the Thunderbolt 1.2 update

    This adapter requires an update to the AppleBCM5701Ethernet plugin to work. That update was present in the thunderbolt software update 1.2 package. Said update was pulled from the automatic update list due to it crashing non-thunderbolt systems such as old macbook pros. I haven't read a report of any problems for us macbook air users, and it works great on my 2011 macbook air. If you're lucky enough to have grabbed a copy of the update from apple's KB article before it was pulled from there as well, you should be able to use the adapter. Presumably apple will fix this big error in a day or so with a newer thunderbolt update.

    If you know what you're doing, you could always backup your IONetworkingFamily kext before applying the update, and then restore just that kext it if your system crashes from the update.

    Nice performance with this dongle - I get 900Mbps throughput. Driver (and broadcom's specs) indicate jumbo frame support, but I haven't tried it. Jumbo frames not really necessary IMO since the CPU is beefy enough to handle high packet/second data rates.

    Finally a cheap way to get data on&off a macbook air at speeds above USB 2.

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    Works great! (But don't buy it for MBA!!!)

    Why? This is nothing wrong with the product at all and it works great! The problem is... if you are using Macbook Air and you need to connect to extra monitor with thunderbolt you are out of luck. Either have this or the thunderbolt to DVI/HDMI adpter. I never thought of this until I bought it went home and had the "Ahhhh moment". Get the USB version instead. If you never care about extra monitor ever at all or you don't need to do presentation on bigger screens then sure go ahead.

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    It works, but

    It works out of the box on my MacBook Air 13' - 2012, but sometimes it will hang the Mac when hot-plugged.

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    Works perfectly with my new MBP with retina. Fast and effective.

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    Works great, what else is there to say?

    Works as advertised, gives the MBA a Ethernet port for when you are at a hotel/friends house or whatever the occasion may be. Make sure you have the Thunderbolt 1.2.1 update installed or else this won't work.

    Loses 1 star because it doesn't work in Windows (Boot Camp) yet.

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    Wicked Fast, but needs to be on power!

    I thought I had a faulty one, as on my MacBook Air it didn't work - it randomly came up as a thunderbolt device, but no ethernet, or not at all.

    I then tried it on power, and "pop" - it just worked, as expected... and it is very, very fast. copying files onto the Air with it's SSD I was getting a nice solid 45Mb a second.

    This is now part of my carry around kit for the laptop - excellent when you need a little more "oomph" than you can get with the Wireless.

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    plug and play

    Works on 2012 Macbook Air and mid 2011 iMac (EMC#2428) both with Mountain Lion (10.8.2). Plug and play, no drivers.

    Does NOT work with Wireshark! Wireshark does not recognize the thunderbolt ethernet adapter. Hence the 4 star rating. If you don't need wireshark or packet capture, then it's great. I prefer this over the USB to Fast Ethernet adapter because its faster (1000Mbps versus the 10/100 of the USB model), and it doesn't take up a precious USB port (since the Macbook Air only has 2 USB ports).


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    Works very well. No problems.

    Update the thunderbolt firmware to latest. That's it works very well.

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    Gets Gigabit speeds, but raises ping.

    Works as advertised, capable of 1000mb up and down. Only problem is it significantly raises ping. Verified that a friends computer on the same cat6 cable can get 6 ping, yet mine is much higher at 28. While still pretty good, losing 22 ping is pretty significant.

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    Macbook air 2011

    Initially I couldn't get this to work as even though it was showing as connected in the system report and I could see the port on my network switch was up OSX was not seeing the adapter as a network interface.

    In the end I fixed it by downloading Thunderbolt update 1.21 from the apple site (software update claimed no updates available)

    I would have posted the link but it seems the review system won't actually let me.

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    Does the job

    Good product that does what it says. However, I have to knock a star because it does significantly reduce battery life. Prior to using this, I could use my macbook air all day with about 40% power left, when using this, my batter was flat just before the end of the day, so it uses like 70% more power. I am having to use this sparingly to conserve power.

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    Excellent product but a bit pricey

    Having read some of the reviews of having to upgrade the Thunderbolt driver, I was initially put off. But bought it on a sale-or-return basis to try it out. Have been working with it for a few hours now on my mid 2011 MBA running OSX 10.8.5. There are no problems. The speed is very good when compared to the wi-fi option. I use Tor and TorBirdy and sometimes use the Tor bridge which really slows down the communication traffic. With a direct connection to the ethernet through Thunderbolt the speeds are much enhanced now.

    I have plugged it into the LAN port of Airport Time Capsule. Have also tried it through the LAN port of the router. It works fine on both machines.

    It is however a bit pricey and there are no cheaper 3rd party choices either. I also had to buy a 5m cable to reach the router from my desk which was another expense I had to add to the price of the adapter.

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    Thunderbolt adapter feels loose but worked well for my needs.

    For those experiencing difficulty in removing an ethernet cable from the device, it's actually very easy if you continue to push down on the release lever such that the whole connector rotates downward in the socket just a little bit -- enough to easily release it from the adapter's grasp. If you just try to push the lever only, it will remain firmly lodged in the adapter and be very difficult to remove. You'll feel an extra little click as it releases itself when you push down on the ethernet connector itself before attempting to remove it.

    Others have questioned whether it works with the migration assistant and yes, it worked just fine for that too (I went from a much older Macbook running 10.6 to a new 2012 Retina Macbook Pro running 10.8.4). No drivers needed to be downloaded on my rMBP.

    And while it did feel a little warm, it did not seem unusually warm to the touch.

    Finally, I wish the Thunderbolt part of the adapter felt more secure when attached to the Mac, but in my use it never came out. It just feels weird to have a connector that doesn't snap into place with a reassuring click. And because it is by nature a smaller plug, it just doesn't feel as solid when being wedged into its socket on the Mac. Sure other connectors like Firewire and USB get away without having a click, but they are bigger connectors and don't seem to suffer the fragile feeling associated with this particular Thunderbolt connector. But as I said, for my needs it worked fine.

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