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    Defective Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter

    I purchase the adapter some 6 weeks ago. Everything was working fine although I can't really see a difference between my USB Ethernet adapter. This night it just stopped working. I though it might be the router or my network card but it's actually only the thunderbolt adapter which went defective. 6 week life cycle is a bit short... Not very happy with that... I have a D-Link power over ethernet switch behind my router. Could that explain the issue ?

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    Very good

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    Works Perfectly

    This works perfectly for me on mac, and on windows 7 via bootcamp. It provides full gigabit ethernet speeds, where as a usb adapter cannot.

    For everyone complaining, no one is forcing you to buy a retina MBP, Apple stills sells laptops with ethernet ports. If you haven't noticed, the retina models are simply too thin to fit an ethernet port. Buy the model that fits your needs.

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    Stops working after unplug,MacBook sleep and plug back

    Bought the Gigabit Thunderbolt adapter a few days back. Using it in combination with a DVI to MiniDisplay port adapter. Using this to do a pseudo-docking station with a MacBook Pro retina 13" with the lid closed. Scenario is to get to my desk, plug power, DVI adapter and Gigabit adapter and get to work with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Problem is that very frequently, after the MacBook has been sleeping for a good while and I plug the DVI and Gigabit adapter the Gigabit adapter stops working after a little while or doesn't work to begin with and there is no amount of unplugging and plugging that will make it work again, only a full shutdown. Not sure if this is a bad interaction with the DVI adapter or not. Basically renders this product worthless.

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    It works.

    Used with Macbook Air (2012). Does everything as advertised.

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    One Word-PERFECT!

    Im not one to write reviews-but I think this product deserved one! I received it in the mail and was firstly taken back by its size! its so tiny! it suits my MacBookPro Retina perfect ally! the speeds achieved with this are amazing! I speed tested it with speedtest.net and compared with my my Lenovo R400 laptop both with gigabit connection over a Fibre NBN internet connection and the Mac was a full 20Mbps faster than the windows PC! But that was not really that surprising! :P One little feature I would love is hotplug compatibility in windows! I think all that would require is a driver tweak!
    All round great product! I would recommend for anyone who has recently acquired a MacBookPro Retina and needs a gigabit ethernet port!

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    1 step forward 2 steps back

    Well Apple has the amazing ability to ignore the little things.. And they did it again.

    Got a new Macbook pro with retina a few weeks ago, love the machine.. But,,,

    First,,, why did Apple take the network port out? REALLY?? The world is NOT wireless yet.. Right now us IT folk still dwell in the data center with lots Of wire, and most network switches, power strips printers etc need some direct connection attention once in a while..

    Second,,, The Lighting Bolt network adapter ,,, its NOT an adaptive port like the older model MacBook Pro's had. So if your business is working with hardware you get to carry a hub with you or a flipped ethernet cable.. BOOOOOO! They had it right then "fixed" it..


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    Stopped working

    This adapter worked fine for a month on a Macbook Retina and then stopped working. Just died. Waste of money and lots of aggravation.

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    Excellent! Allows for two ethernet ports on a Mac Mini running Mac OS X!

    I needed to set up my Mac Mini as a file server, connecting to an iSCSI RAID drive made by Drobo (a DroboPro to be precise). To do so, I needed to add another ethernet port to my Mini, so that I could have one port for connecting the Drobo, and one for talking to the network. To address this issue, I looked in to the Thunderbolt Ethernet adaptor from Apple. Unfortunately, no information that I could find would confirm that these adaptors would work with anything other than MacBook Airs. As such, I decided to take a chance, try it out on my Mini, and if it worked great, if not, I would return it.

    I purchased it and waited for it to arrive. Once it arrived, I immediately plugged it in to the Mini. Unfortunately, nothing changed in the Network Interface list in Network System Preferences...Darn - maybe it isn't supported....I thought. It also seemed very loose when plugged in to the port, much looser than a mini-display port adaptor. That seemed strange due to the fact that they were the same size plug.

    For the longest time, I couldn't realize why the Mac Mini would not recognize the presence of the adapter, while when used on my MacBook Pro it was recognized perfectly. Eventually, I placed a light back in the networking closet and realized that the adaptor wasn't pushed in all the way! Once I pushed in the adaptor all the way, it worked perfectly on my Mac Mini running Mac OS X 10.8. It was recognized instantly and the thunderbolt ethernet port automatically appeared in the network system preferences.

    I now have a connection to the Drobo RAID array that is at least 3x faster than before. This is a great little adaptor for use in Mac Mini computers running OS X.

    Highly Recommended, just make sure to push it in all the way, with a little more force than you might think is needed.

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    From Leatherneck Afghanistan

    I just purchased the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and it works great with my MBA - plug and play. Money well invested.


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    Great Speeds

    At first I was hesitant based on the reviews but now that I've been using it for a month I couldn't be more happy. Backing up my 13"MBPr to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device are so incredible fast compared to wifi. I do have a gigabit network setup. Moving large files or completed back-ups that used to take hours are now less than an hour.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    plug and play

    Works on 2012 Macbook Air and mid 2011 iMac (EMC#2428) both with Mountain Lion (10.8.2). Plug and play, no drivers.

    Does NOT work with Wireshark! Wireshark does not recognize the thunderbolt ethernet adapter. Hence the 4 star rating. If you don't need wireshark or packet capture, then it's great. I prefer this over the USB to Fast Ethernet adapter because its faster (1000Mbps versus the 10/100 of the USB model), and it doesn't take up a precious USB port (since the Macbook Air only has 2 USB ports).


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    Worked for about a month

    Speed was fine. I used it constantly because we have no wifi here, and after the first time I unplugged it, I got a DNS error. Some random rebooting and unplugging fixed it, but after unplugging it a second time the same thing happened and nothing I've tried has fixed it. Looking around the internet, other people with mid-2012 macbook airs seem to be having the same problem with it. Fix this apple!

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    Energy Sucker

    I just bought a 2012 macbook air recently and I bought the thunderbolt to ethernet adaptor since my home network is hardwired. At first I couldn't get it to work but after some updates for OS X Mountain Lion it was working perfectly. I did notice my battery dying super fast when I use it.

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    Write Relevant Reviews

    To everyone complaining about this not working in Windows... That's obvious. Apple builds its hardware to work with its own OS not windows. If you want to use accessories with Windows than make sure they are compatible with windows.

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    Works well. Minor flaw.

    The cable works very well, although it very easily disconnects itself from the computer.
    Any slight bump and the connection is lost... which isn't very pleasant when uploading files and getting the error: "file transfer failed".
    There should be a little clip to keep it in place because it's very irritating to have it disconnect every few seconds.

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    It works, but

    It works out of the box on my MacBook Air 13' - 2012, but sometimes it will hang the Mac when hot-plugged.

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    Requires OS X update. No instructions for Win7.

    I couldn't get mine to work until I downloaded the update for OS X.

    In boot camp (windows 7) it's not detected at all. The one thread I found explains how to load the drivers but they are buggy - BSOD.

    Only buy this if you REALLY need gig speeds in OS X and have some understanding of how to load drivers in Win7.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Stopped working after 20 days.

    Bought it at Bestbuy. And it stopped working after 20 days.

    The size could be smaller. And it quality could be more reliable.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Bought this to connect ethernet in my dorm on my Macbook with Retina Display. Since August, I have not been able to get any internet access. Why??? I don't get it! Never experienced such disappointment with an Apple product!

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