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    Does what I need

    I can't speak to the issue some have had with devices that require bus power. But, for my particular need, it does the trick.

    I use an old MiniDV camcorder whose tape drive has become unreliable. The camera has a 4-conductor FireWire 400 output, so I decided to try using it as a direct camera input for iMovie. I purchased a FireWire 400 cable (4-conductor at one end and 8-conductor at the other) and patched that through a FireWire 400-to-800 adaptor plug to connect to a MacBook.

    This worked, but my newer MacBook Air has no FireWire. This Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter—effectively the third adapter in my Franken-cable—successfully connects my camcorder to my MacBook Air. Interestingly, the camera will not work properly with the current iMovie, but functions just fine with iMovie 9.09 (thankfully available as a free download, and still compatible with El Capitan).

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    Great - Works for me...

    I bought this because I now have a new late 2015 27" iMac and needed a way of connecting a Focusrite Safire Pro 26. The Focurite website states that this adapter works fine and I just connected it up then and its working perfectly. Presently I've got it powering the Safire Pro 26 but will probably end up running the unit off it's AC adapter for things like phantom power. But This little adapter works perfectly.

    So a big thumbs up from me.

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    Worked for me

    First off, I'd like to give a shout out to my old 2004 MacBook Pro - that thing survived a few nasty spills, two owners, and the only things I had to replace on it was the battery and one of the fans. In 2013 it finally gave up the ghost, and I wasn't too interested in repairing it right away since it was no longer possible to update its software (from Apple at least). I fired it up under "target disk mode", and used this adapter to transfer its HD contents between it and my (then) new 2013 MacBook Pro, and the process went smoothly. I can't speak for the other reviews, but for this application it worked well.

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    Does exactly what it's suppose to do! Allows me to access my older drives on the new Mac Pro through FireWire and it may just be me but I think my drives work faster with it.

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    An excellent T-bolt > FireWire adaptor.

    I have this adaptor connected to a powered FW800 hub with 6 FW devices connected: two OWC Guardian Maximus RAID boxes, and four Mercury Elite Pros. It has been running fine for a few years now with no problems at all, doing heavy duty video and audio editing, iTunes storage, and TIme Machine backups.

    Looking at some of the one-star reviews, it is obvious that some consumers are not aware of the one-way nature of the device. It is meant to connect a Thunderbolt interface on a CPU to a FireWire-equipped external device, not the other way around.

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    Works Fine

    I bought this cable to connect 2014 iMac i7 running OS X 10.11 El Capitan (Thunderbolt) to OWC Mercury Elite AL-Pro HDD external backup drive via FW800. Dedicated Apple devices work well. No issues. I am very happy. zoz

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    Works as expected

    On a new (mid 2015) MBP, I used this adapter to copy the contents of a 256GB FW HD to a 2TB USB HD--a copy which took 2 hours--and it performed flawlessly. So, maybe the adapter doesn't work with certain FW hardware, but it worked for me with this setup.

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    Works fine on Mac, not on PC

    I purchased this, from an Apple reseller to use with my PC (MacBook Pro already has firewire 800 port) it works well, however, if I restart my Dell T1700 with the adapter plugged in the PC will POST but fails to BOOT. Thus freezing on the boot screen indefinitely.
    The adapter and PC are both fine and have no hardware issues (Dell engineer replaced thunderbolt card and same issue), this is purely a compatibility issue.

    This adapter is not fully Windows compatible.

    However, it works well on other Macs (I have access to 2014 iMacs)

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    Didn't work for harddrive and audio interface

    Too bad I haven't read the reviews before buying it. I have two external hard drive and a Focusrite Saffire LE audio interface. I rely on them for my sound recording work. I bought this adaptor, hoping that I can use them on a new macbook pro, although their light are on indicating that there are power coming through, none of devices were detected on the computer.

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    didn't work

    Brand new macbook pro to a mac pro and nothing is connecting.

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    Failed to connect Thunderbolt drives to FW800 port

    As we purchase new external drives we're moving toward exclusively Thunderbolt for the excellent transfer speeds, but updating all our Macs takes much longer. Our hope was to use a few of these to connect new Thunderbolt GRaids and GDrives to older Macs with FW800 ports.

    No such luck. The drives are AC powered, but they fail to recognize a connection and stay dormant even when their power switch is turned on. We bought two of the adapters and used multiple FW800 cables that were tested successfully on other straight connections.

    Seems like this would be one of the primary purposes -- bridging a legacy connection -- for an adapter like this...but it was a total failure.

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    I bought the cable ONLY because I need it to use my "old" FireWire disks with my new Mac Pro, but after a few minutes of use, every time I connect the disks. they suddenly ejects. Absolutely useless.

    Oh, yes, very nice plastic, very nice finishing.
    But... straight to the trashcan!

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    Shooting tethered Hasselblad firewire 800 thru the Thunderbolt adaptor becomes a workaround, firstly because the connections at both ends of the adaptor are too easily dislodged, particularly the thunderbolt to laptop end. From a consumer point of view, the thunderbolt connection is remarkably insecure and dislodges very easily. I have had to resort to buying tethertool cable retainers and/ or tape to ensure a solid uninterrupted connection. This in addition to the inadequate power supply via thunderbolt, requiring powering the camera from the camera battery rather than thru the old firewire 800 cable. An inadequate overall design.

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    Pro photographer here with new Macmini (2015) running a drobo with FireWire 400 & 800 using the adaptor doesn't work. Apple this is a BIG FAIL on your part!!!

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    BUS power direction

    Finally received one and discovered a very interesting BUS power direction. TB --> FW800 device = ok. However, FW800 --> TB device = n/a (no power!) Even with TB AC power hub!?!

    ie TB port (ie MBP, iMac, MacPro) --> FW800 (ie external drive with BUS power, digital backs etc) will work vs FW800 port (ie old MBP) --> TB device (ie external drive) will NOT work.

    Hope that helps...

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    Works Perfectly

    Works perfectly and DOES power my PreSonus Firestudio Mobile. I would just like to see this as a cable instead of an adapter.

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    Works Perfectly

    I have several FW/USB 500MB backup drives using laptop HDs, Due to what I believe is a possible software change of unknown origin, the drives could be accessed from the desktop but were no longer bootable with USB. With a recent purchase of a 5K iMac, I also couldn't use FW. This adapter works perfectly with the drives, and allows them to boot. I don't believe I can identify them, per Apple rules. However, at least some bus-powered drives will work.

    In any event, this adapter is a 5-star winner for me.

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    No Target Disk Mode, High Voltage Warning

    + iPod 4th generation (with PocketDock)
    + iPod 1st generation (FireWire only)
    + DIY FireWire to car charger to USB ports.

    Not working:
    - Target Disk Mode between a Non-Retina 13" MacBook Pro and my Retina 15" MacBook Pro, using the same wire as the iPods but with a 6 pin female to 9 pin male adaptor.
    - Adaptor provides 15V, not 12V power.

    I used the same Belkin FireWire 9 pin to 6 pin wire for Target Disk Mode, but with a 6 pin to 9 pin adaptor to plug into the Non-Retina MacBook Pro. I tried two of those adaptors, but neither of them work on this setup. They both worked before on my Non-Retina 15".

    My Retina MacBook Pro 15" doesn't have enough USB ports, so I use a DIY adaptor to plug in a car charger to my FireWire port, and get a power-only USB port. That works.

    WARNING: The Thunderbolt-FireWire adaptor gives 15V, not 12V. Make sure that your devices are tolerant of higher voltages, or you risk damaging them! This is a serious worry for me. Apple should step down the voltage to 12V, that's the FireWire standard!

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    No good for external HDDs

    You may already have read that this adapter doesn't supply enough power to run certain external peripherals, but here's something else to consider: I have a Seagate Freeagent external hard drive, and even though it has a separate power supply, my 2013 27" iMac running Yosemite unmounts the drive on sleep when I connect it using this adapter.

    When it's connected via USB2, this problem doesn't happen.

    So, this is pretty useless for connecting your FireWire Time Machine drive, or any drive you want to keep mounted permanently.

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    Required for syncing and charging 1st version iPods

    Why you ask? Some of us still have working (and hold dear) original Firewire iPods (vs. 1) either for use or part of ones collection. This is the cable adapter you need to keep your old MP3 player in use if you own a Thunderbolt Mac. You'll also need the FW-FW cable that came with your iPod 1. Just know not all the MP3s you have in your current iTunes will transfer over. Stand back and let your friends exclaim, "You're still using that?" Hey, it's a classic and it still works. Envy has no par when it comes to the original that started a revolution. Thank you Steve Jobs.

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