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    • Written by from San Francisco

    I shouldn't have to think about a simple Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 adapter, but the connection is very shaky. I have a FireWire 800 cable that has been connecting my external drives to an older iMac for over two years. No problems. It just lay there and did its job. Then I got a new iMac with Thunderbolt. Now, no matter how much I adjust the connections of the FireWire cable to the adapter, or the adapter to the iMac, or the FireWire cable to the external drives, the drives regularly drop off of my Desktop, just disappear with an error message. Then I have to play with the connections before the drives appear again. Time machine backups frequently fail, due to the backup external drive disappearing. Where is the problem, Apple?

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    It sort of works

    • Written by from ojai

    I have 9 external drives 7200 rpm that I use for a Ki Pro recorder. They are twice as fast on my old Mac Pro (late 2009) over Firewire than on my new Mac Pro (late 2013) with this adapter over Thunderbolt. Black Magic Speed Test comes out with about 50 mb/s average. Odd right? And it's choppy when you transfer. Also my system will not recognize 1 of the 9 drives I have at all. Lastly, if I have two of the drives hooked up to two of the connectors and into separate Thunderbolts, the system will only transfer files on one drive at a time and says "preparing to transfer" on the second drive until the first drive finishes. Really odd.

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    does not send power through it

    • Written by from Tempe

    Will only transfer data if the external hard drive is connected to a power source. Unlike the FW800 that powers the external HD.

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    FW800 -> Thunderbolt.. and ONLY that.

    • Written by from BROOKLYN

    This adapter only allows for you to connect a FW800 peripheral to a Thunderbolt port on a Mac- not vice versa. Apple, how do you expect loyal customers to upgrade to your new speedy connection protocol and STAY loyal when you don't provide them the means to? Very poor business.

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    Works...for now

    • Written by from Langley

    I struggled with using my FW portable drives on the new MacBook Pro. It was uneven, then stopped completely in the first week. Apple Store replaced the adapter and it's currently working on all my drives. Though the OWC Mercury RAID now needs external power, which it never did before--I can live with that as long as it works. I'm hoping I just had a bad adapter and now all is well. Fingers crossed.

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    Works but VERY sensitive to movement

    • Written by from Wrexham

    I use this with my Apogee Duet and it works okay incl. powering the unit. However, it is so sensitive to any movement of the Macbook Pro Retina that it will drop the connection in an instant. Then have to unplug - replug, wait for it to connect again. Apple should recheck the fit if this and adjust the manufacturing design by a fraction to make it sit more snugly. Wish I didn't have to use it...

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    No Bus power for external interfaces or drives

    • Written by from New York

    Very disappointed with the fact that this adapter will not pass enough juice to power an external hard drive or audio interface. when I connect to a device thunderbolt to thunderbolt, it works fine (so the power is present at the jack) connect to a FW device with this interface cable and.... no dice.

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    Doesn't work with my bus powered drive

    • Written by from Houston

    I have an old Seagate firewire 800 portable drive that I use to move data around different computers. This cable doesn't work on that drive and it is a huge pain. If I even plug the drive in my new MacBook Pro freezes up and I have to hard boot it. It has worked ok on other drives that provide their own power.

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    Not robust...

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    This adapter worked fine for me for a little while for all drives (including bus-powered) and then died... Seems to be a physical problem, since the FW cables and drives all work... But I never put the adapter under any real strain. A junky build for a $29 piece of wire.

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    Works for FW800 but lacks ability to daisychain Thunderbolt

    • Written by from New York

    This adapter worked to connect a FW800 disk to my MacMini w/o any problems.

    However the major problem is that it does NOT have a second Thunderbolt connection on it so I can not daisychain the Thunderbolt devices. So effectively, I must choose whether to use Thunderbolt for a network, FW800, or graphics connection. This defeats the purpose of supposedly being able to daisy chain up to six devices on a single Thunderbolt chain.

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    Not good enough

    • Written by from NEW YORK

    When Apple decided to eliminate the mini-DVI, Ethernet and Firewire ports on their new MacBook Pro laptops (three ports in total) and replace them with just two Thunderbolt ports, they created a dilemma for many MacBook Pro owners - myself in particular - trying to upgrade their systems. My MacBook Pro is the hub of a desktop system that includes Firewire drives, Ethernet connectivity and an Apple LED Cinema display. With only Thunderbolt ports on the new laptops and no single adapter that can handle both Ethernet and Firewire, I have to decide what to give up. Apple certainly wasn't thinking about their legacy users when they settled on this design. The old Apple would not have eliminated both the Ethernet port and the Firewire port - these are both current technologies - or it would have made an adapter that could connect both Ethernet and Firewire through a single Thunderbolt port and would include that adapter - free of charge - with every MacBook Pro it sold. Does Apple expect everyone to scrap their DVI, Firewire and Ethernet devices and purchase all new Thunderbolt devices? Really Apple.... !!!

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    Works but what a waste

    • Written by from Pittsburg

    I thought I had made a good call getting an external firewire 800 drive as a time machine backup for my old iMac but was pretty bummed when my new iMac arrived and I realized I couldn't even plug in the firewire drive to set up the new machine without spending another $30. Come on Apple! How about throwing us loyal apple customers one firewire port for old time sake?

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    Slow and unreliable connection

    • Written by from Bellevue

    This has proven to be a poor substitute for my years-long trusted FW800 connection to my external, self-powered, hard drives especially my Drobo drive.

    I've been simplifying my setup for my brand new iMac 27" and have kept only the Drobo drive on FW800, through this adapter. My transfer rates have been cut in half to barely USB 2 speeds, and even more problematic the connection hangs several times a day, likely when the bus goes to sleep. I therefore have to reboot my Drobo several times a day, whereas it has been running flawlessly and without interruptions for three years now.
    Needless to say FW800 is no longer an option for me. And given the very high prices, Thunderbolt is not yet an realistic alternative for mass storage.

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    Compatibility Issues

    • Written by from Peachtree City

    I had no problem using the adapter with external powered Firewire drives. Unfortunately, my bus powered portable Firewire drives (2 different bands) were not recognized and would not boot despite the drives appearing to be powered (LED & spinning disk). I verified the issue on two Macs, a late 2012 iMac and a Macbook Air. Bummer!

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    Only works in one way...

    • Written by from Carlsbad

    I purchased this cable to plug my 1TB Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt portable drive, into the Firewire 800 port on my older 17" MacBook Pro (which has no Thunderbolt ports). It didn't work. I called Buffalo tech support, who told me the drive will not work this way. It has to be plugged directly into a Thunderbolt Port.

    So I give this product 2 stars mainly for the product description, which clearly explains that the cable plus into a Thunderbolt port to give you an FireWire 800 port... but does not explain that the cable WILL NOT connect a Thunderbolt peripheral to a Firewire 800 port. I think it was a logical assumption that it would...

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    Doesn't bus power everything my FW800 did

    • Written by from Beecher

    Waited and waited for this to be released... and it doesn't give enough power to power my G-Raid Mini (Gen 3)

    Really disappointed!

    Makes me regret buying a rMBP...

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