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    Having problems with bus powered drives

    I am a video editor. I own many FW800 drives. None of my drives that I use in the field work unless I'm connected to power. This is a major problem for me. When I'm in the field capturing footage and need to offload data to a drive, I have to use my old laptop.

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    Works fine for data, is dicier for bus-powered devices

    The adapter seems to work fine for devices that have their own power supply but i have had mixed results on bus powered interfaces / drives. I've tested the MOTU Ultralite Hybrid mk3 and Iomega eGo. They don't work via bus power. An old FireLite drive works fine via bus power. If you have devices that demand more, you may be SOL. It is a decent solution but isn't a true FireWire gateway.

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    not enough power

    It does adapt the thunderbolt port to make it a firewire port, but it's not as good a Firewire port as you can find on any cheap old MBP from years ago. It lacks power, which means that some external drives and devices won't work and there is a limit to how many devices you can daisy chain.

    So we need an adaptor and this is the only one, but it's not Apple's finest hour..

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    After buying the 15inch MBP and not being able to hook up my hard drives via firewire I was desperate for this...

    Better late than never. Thanks Apple

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    Doesn't work with my Motu 8pre the sole reason for purchase. Rubbish

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    1 step forward, 2 steps back!!!!

    WARNING! Does not produce enough power to run high capacity mobile drives i.e. the G-Tech G-RAID Mini...

    Luckily I tested it is advance of playing a gig at the weekend using Serato.

    Complete JOKE!

    I can't believe that Apple hasn't considered the fact that the majority of creative professionals need high capacity fast mobile storage.

    I suppose we now need to wait for 2Tb Thunderbolt enabled SSD drives which by my reckoning will cost more than the MacBook Pro!!!!

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    Not good enough

    When Apple decided to eliminate the mini-DVI, Ethernet and Firewire ports on their new MacBook Pro laptops (three ports in total) and replace them with just two Thunderbolt ports, they created a dilemma for many MacBook Pro owners - myself in particular - trying to upgrade their systems. My MacBook Pro is the hub of a desktop system that includes Firewire drives, Ethernet connectivity and an Apple LED Cinema display. With only Thunderbolt ports on the new laptops and no single adapter that can handle both Ethernet and Firewire, I have to decide what to give up. Apple certainly wasn't thinking about their legacy users when they settled on this design. The old Apple would not have eliminated both the Ethernet port and the Firewire port - these are both current technologies - or it would have made an adapter that could connect both Ethernet and Firewire through a single Thunderbolt port and would include that adapter - free of charge - with every MacBook Pro it sold. Does Apple expect everyone to scrap their DVI, Firewire and Ethernet devices and purchase all new Thunderbolt devices? Really Apple.... !!!

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    no bus power for Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

    Finally it's here and it's a great product, however my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 won't power up on bus power - I have to use the external power supply. 7W should be enough to power the device....

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    Thunderbolt to FW 800 to FW 400 adapter does not support Hasselblad cameras

    Well dang... A brand new Macbook Pro Retina, new Photoshop, new Lightroom and I bought the 2 adapters recommended by Apple- Thunderbolt to Firewire 800, Firewire 800 to Firewire 400- to dump my 132 meg photographs onto my shiny new 16 GB Ram machine... Say What??
    NO GO!!! Oweeee. I called apple tech support, the guy runs a few PRAM reset programs and then proceeds to tell me to bring my new computer into an Apple store, the nearest one being about 7 hours round trip.
    Let me explain- the Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 adapter works great on my Lacie hard drives. The Firewire 800 to Firewire 400 works great on my older MacBook Pro Firewire 800 port to run the same hard drives. So I guess the adapters are fine.
    So WHY Can't the combination work together to run a powered Firewire 400 drive???
    I am irked as the Apple tech/sales guy who helped me put this computer together told me Apple had the solution when clearly it hasn't been sorted out yet.
    As I said back up there- DANG!!

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    Simply does not work at all!

    I'm on my second TB/FW adapter. With the first, my G-Drives would randomly unmount themselves constantly, sometimes while I was actively using them. After exchanging the adapter, neither of my external drives will mount at all!

    Both G-Drives worked flawlessly through a FW800/FW400 cable on my late-2006 iMac for years, and continue to work flawlessly through USB on my new 2012 iMac, but they're a couple of unresponsive bricks when connected through this useless adapter.

    I've been working with an Apple Senior Advisor for several days trying to resolve this problem, but I honestly believe Apple just has a junk technology they haven't worked the bugs out of yet. Either it's firmware, something in ML, or the hardware in the adapter itself is faulty, but a lot of people are having the exact same problem.

    Very disappointing!

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    Doesn't bus power everything my FW800 did

    Waited and waited for this to be released... and it doesn't give enough power to power my G-Raid Mini (Gen 3)

    Really disappointed!

    Makes me regret buying a rMBP...

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    No Firewire 400 if bus power is needed.

    I have an external FireWire 400 drive that does not require a power supply when connected to either a FireWire 400 or 800 port (with 400 to 800 cable). When I try this Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter with a FireWire 800 to 400 cable, it does not work. Apple should either put this in the description, fix the issue or sell a Thunderbolt to FireWire 400 adapter.

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    Worked well for powering my external hard drive.

    I plugged it into my Lacie rugged HD (the one with the orange rubber cover), and it worked great. Powered it up and transferred files as it should.

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    Slow and unreliable connection

    This has proven to be a poor substitute for my years-long trusted FW800 connection to my external, self-powered, hard drives especially my Drobo drive.

    I've been simplifying my setup for my brand new iMac 27" and have kept only the Drobo drive on FW800, through this adapter. My transfer rates have been cut in half to barely USB 2 speeds, and even more problematic the connection hangs several times a day, likely when the bus goes to sleep. I therefore have to reboot my Drobo several times a day, whereas it has been running flawlessly and without interruptions for three years now.
    Needless to say FW800 is no longer an option for me. And given the very high prices, Thunderbolt is not yet an realistic alternative for mass storage.

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    Better to put the money towards a drive with FireWire 800 and Thunderbolt connectivity built in. That way all your old stuff will still work, plus you'll have a drive you can use when FireWire is no longer used.

    By the way Apple, as a pro user, FireWire is key to most workflows within the world of stills and video production, so not providing a FireWire connection on the new iMacs speaks volumes of how you now view users such as myself who have supported you through the years.

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    Very disappointed

    Bus power is too low. I'm a photographer and need to daisy chain 2 drives on set, without AC power like I did when running firewire in the past. Very poor design that doesn't consider professionals.

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    Does not work with MiniDV camera

    I bought this cable hoping I could get old video off my MiniDV camera tapes so I could edit it in FCPX and then get rid of the tapes. I have the camera turned on and FCPX does not recognize it. The camera does not appear under "Cameras" in the media import. I'll be returning the cable. Guess I'll have to capture using my ancient laptop that has a firewire port.

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    Works great on Retina MacBook PRO

    Works perfectly on the new Retina MacBook Pro, we wait too long till this product release

    thank you Apple

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    Firewire drives way slower through adapter

    It works fine, but if you are currently using a Firewire drive with your non-retina macbook, be aware that using the adapter (required for retina macbook pro) makes the drive much slower, at least for large writes.

    I copied a 32GB file to my WD MyPassport Studio external firewire drive at it took ~30min when copied from a Macbook Retina Pro 15" SSD (via adapter), compared to ~10min when copied from a early-2011 Macbook Pro 15" SSD (which has a much slower internal drive).

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    Slower than USB 2.0

    Data transfer speeds were significantly slower using this adaptor compared to USB 2.0 to interface with an external HDD.

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