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    What an awful design Now on number 3 in <4years.

    The cause of replacement number 3 is the useless covering on the magsafe cable end. The slightest pinch in this, usually caused by being laid under the world's lightest computer, and it crumbles. While it's crumbling at one point the sheathing slides up and down, breaking at subsequent points along its length. Which is bad - but it gets worse. You cannot detach the cheap cable from the expensive box of electronics. Seriously guys, 4 years and you've not addressed this yet. Bad design flaw! Get it? Making the product universal with only 1 cable change for the global market is a good idea. Making us throw away a working and expensive box because you can't get a cable covering right is a bad idea. Let me demonstrate:

    Let's ask a 5 year old how we could improve that, shall we? How about you makek the cable that disintegrates detachable from the big expensive box of equipment so my replacement cost each year is smaller?

    Or do Apple genuinely want to penalise their customers by failing to make the product properly in the first place and then compounding that by charging us unnecessarily for a part that is still working but that we cannot get off the end of the cable to allow us to replace the cable that needs changing? Seriously? Yes, it would still be a pain, but a pain that wouldn't bankrupt me.

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    Poor Product

    I've had Macs for over 30 years. By far, the most badly designed accessory for any Macbook or Mac Air or Mac Pro is the AC adapter. No matter how careful you are, the adapter breaks and shorts out long before it should; it's the Achilles heel of Apple products. At this writing, my early 2014 Macbook Air is like new, but the AC adapter just shorted out. Please, Apple, there's no reason for this.

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    Poor design: bad angle, inadequate magnetic pull

    There are three problems with the new MagSafe: 1) the cable projects from the overly wide connector at a 90 degree angle. This means that if the computer and MagSafe are not completely level, it falls out. So the "laptop" has to be "table top-only" if you want to charge it. Add this to the flaw (2) of inadequate magnetic pull, and it's a disaster. If there is any grit in the power outlet in the MBA, the weak pull is lessened. The charger constantly falls out. 3) The coating on my cable nearest the connector (perhaps because of its 90 degree projection?) got stressed and split. Now I need to buy a new one as the internal wiring is exposed. This has never happened with any Apple cable before, and I am a long-term user. It has to be the design of this one.

    Apple, please, go back to the old design of the brilliant MagSafe 1. And offer it for the 2013 MBA.

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    On my third one in 3 years.

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    Charger broke within 4 months

    After transporting my charger in my backpack, I was surprised to have found the cord to be frayed. Looks like a lot of people are having quality issues as well.

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    Poor build quality

    Echoing what others have said in their reviews of this product, I have to say that I am sorely disappointed with the quality of the cable covering, which has now frayed to a point where the cable no longer works and must be replaced. Clearly, this is a fairly common problem as there are products sold online specifically to prevent it; I wish I had discovered them sooner, as this is an expensive cable to replace based on a design that any amount of testing could have identified as unsuitable for long-term use. Very bad form on Apple's part to have released such a shoddy product.

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    Horrible Quality !!

    This charger has the worst quality. I have my MacBook Air for less than too year and I already have to buy a new charger :(

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    I don't know who gave this 5/5.

    Okay. I've had this computer for JUST over a year, and the charger has stopped working which is infuriating. I don't want to hurt my computer by buying a cheeper charger from a company that isn't apple, but a new charger through apple is going to cost a hundred bucks! Plus shipping and handling because I don't live near an Apple Store. I am a university student, using my computer almost exclusively for school.

    This is my second MacBook Air, the first one I had for almost 3 years, the computer itself stopped working but the charger ( the old one) is still being used to this day by my father.

    Seriously! the exact same thing happened when they switched from the iPhone 4 charger to the 5, I have iPhone 4 chargers from 2009 that still work but I've gone through 3 iPhone 5 chargers In the last 2 months!

    Apple you are seriously making me reconsider where my money is going.

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    Poor quality

    Have had mine for less than 1 year it it already is broken. I started noticing some wear and tear around 8 months, however just last week I noticed my laptop was not charging. I went to inspect the cord and I found that there was exposed wire, with sparks coming out! For the price I paid for my laptop, I did not expect to have to purchase a new charger 1 year later. My chargers from my other laptop (compaq) have lasted me 8+ years with barely so much as a scratch. Totally disappointed with the quality, however I have no choice but to buy another one. Please Apple, update the quality of your products.

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    5th Charger in Four Years

    I am very careful with my technology products and I have had to buy multiple chargers for my MacBook Air because the chord keeps breaking. The external material bunches up toward the end of the charger, the internal wires detach, and the charger becomes inoperative. I am very frustrated with the quality of this product, given its high price.

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    Apple 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter for MacBook Air

    I had a Macbook Pro in the past and nothing was wrong with that, but cable of 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter of my MacBook Air has torn apart in less that two years. This is really disappointing and considering the price that we have paid for this product Apple should do something for their customers.

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    I've had my Macbook Air since November of 2012 and LOVE my computer. I must have good luck because I'm only going on my third cord. The quality of the chargers are such a joke, $79 for something that doesn't last and shreds quite easily. My fiance got his computer a few months after mine (same model) and he also has gone through a few chargers. Between the two of us we've spent almost $375 on chargers in a little over three years. I'm planning on replacing my laptop in 2016 and I am really reconsidering purchasing a Mac next time around because of the ridiculous cost for poor quality accessories.

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    Terrible, but what are you going to do?

    These cables never seem to last more than a couple of years, and for the last stretch are always held together by electrical tape. They heat up near the connector when in use (notably when doing anything processor-intensive), and over time the jacket starts breaking apart exposing the wires. I'm about to buy my third cable for a three and a half year old MacBook Air.

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    Not Durable

    Charges fine but the point where the charger meets the cable is poor quality and has already worn out after a year of use.

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    Kidding me, right?

    ALL of Apple's chargers are ridiculously flimsy and do not last for more than a month or two. The casing will crack, break off, and expose the wires within a few weeks. And the cord will keep exposing itself, slowly undressing and revealing more of itself each time you leave the room. Get some electrical tape if you want to patch it up like Lady Gaga circa 2008.

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    Just got to work on a Monday morning with low battery life and discovered I no longer have a charger because the cord is severed where it meets the white square base. Now I have to leave work and drop $80 for a new piece of trash. Apple is losing it and must think their customers are idiots.

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    I've never written a review before but this charger deserves one

    After less than five months after I unboxed my Macbook Air it stopped working. So I went out and purchased another one and now 18 months in, I have to buy another 45W charger and this is utterly ridiculous. I'm at the point where people on the engineering team need to be fired for the poor quality that comes with the MagSafe 2 charger. I'm two seconds away from finding out who is response for the chargers and starting a petition to have them resign.

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    Made by Apple?!?!

    Add me to the list of the disappointed. I am about to go through my 3rd power adapter. Apple can make such well-built computers, but can't seem to be able to design an equally well-built power adapter . . . maybe add some kind of reinforcing springy something or other, or use a different material? Maybe I'll try building up my cable with a roll of electrical tape or something as soon as I buy another one.

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    Not durable. Falls apart from normal use.

    The rubber coating is cracked and peeling, exposing the raw wire. Very dangerous.

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    Awful product. Why can't Apple make it right?

    Steve Jobs would lose it if he could see how bad this accessory is, how much it fails and how much people hate it. I'm on my third one that has failed, the machine is still under warranty and Apple wants me to buy another one. So I'm moving back to the MagSafe 1 with the converter for the 2. If it's this bad, you would think that Apple would make it right.

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