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    This is NOT a technical flaw

    For those who do not understand, TTY is "teletype" which allows deaf people make and take calls, something most people take as an every day thing - but for millions who are deaf, it has not been an option.

    With a TTY, the conversation is typed rather than spoken and direct communication is possible with anyone who has a similar device. Calls placed to or from a non-TTY user can be placed through the Telecommunications Relay Service allowing the user to "talk"

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    Bluetooth for hearing impaired

    I have an iPhone 3G and - being deaf - a pair of over the ear Phonak hearing aids. As both devices are loaded with Bluetooth, I can take calls from my iPhone direct, without any wire pug-ins. I can similarly play the iPod straight into the hearing aids without connecting wires, A Bluetooth generator can also be plugged into the audio outlet of a TV set and this transmits the program being viewed straight into the hearing aids without any wires. Similarly, an App will generate a wide variety of world-wide radio programs straight into the hearing aids. Magic! I would like to see Apple [and Phonak] make this facility better known to the deaf community.

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    A bit annoying...

    yes, the curves on the iphone make it slick and unique, but they are not practical AT ALL. £15 to make a set of headphones fit an iphone? haven't you already spent enough? its very handy and farely small, but it should not be neccesary. unfortunately it is, and this product fits the job nicely. a good, expensive, buy.

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