Build breakthrough apps for your employees.

Learn about in-house app development for iPhone and iPad.

Explore the essential APIs for in-house development.

Thereʼs never been a better time to start developing the next generation of innovative mobile business applications. For creating iOS applications, Apple provides a complete toolset to support the development process. Here are just a few of the thousands of APIs available in the iOS SDK you can leverage to deliver an amazing range of capabilities within your in-house apps. This overview will help you explore some of the basic capabilities of the iOS SDK as well as enhance some of the ideas you might already have for an in-house app. Many of the these APIs also have sample code and resources to help you get started quickly.

“With the iPhone, we were able to put together something a designer would do, without a lot of extra work. The samples on really do make it simpler to see a specific function, or specific feature, like drill-down, or integrating with maps, or the local SQL database.”

— Keith DeBickes, JM Family Enterprises

Development Checklist

By the end of the development phase you should have a basic understanding of:

  • iOS SDK tools including Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments, and Simulator

  • The key APIs and frameworks for enterprise in‑house development

  • Basics of web development and HTML5

  • iOS architecture for tapping into back‑office systems

  • Best practices for application security