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Secure your app.

When you're building in-house apps for your employees, chances are there is sensitive corporate data that needs to be secured and protected. To support the process of securing data within your application, iOS includes a “sandboxed” approach to application runtime protection and requires application signing to ensure that applications cannot be tampered with. iOS also has a secure framework that facilitates secure storage of credentials in an encrypted keychain. And there are high-level frameworks that can be used to encrypt application data and provide secure networking out of the box. All of these capabilities in concert with the existing device-level IT policies to provide a secure foundation without impacting the user experience.

Development Checklist

By the end of the development phase you should have a basic understanding of:

  • iOS SDK tools including Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments, and Simulator

  • The key APIs and frameworks for enterprise in‑house development

  • Basics of web development and HTML5

  • iOS architecture for tapping into back‑office systems

  • Best practices for application security

Develop Checklist