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Learn about in-house app development for iPhone and iPad.

Create rich, web-based apps for iOS.

Web apps are a category of mobile applications that are opening up a world of possibilities for enterprise. Web apps are custom designed web pages that take advantage of advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver an immersive app experience to iOS users. And because youʼll be building apps with all the HTML methods you already know, you can develop web apps in any layout or HTML editing environment. Simply hosting a webpage is all that is required to deploy a web app, and changes or updates can all be managed from the web server. And with home screen app icons, offline data availability, and the ability to launch web apps in full screen mode your users will feel completely at home in your web app and focused on the task at hand.

Integrating Web Content into Native Apps

With the iOS SDK, you can display web content within an iOS application using an element called UIWebView. Doing so allows you to leverage your existing HTML, CSS and JavaScript inside a native app, while gaining access to iOS SDK-only features such as Push Notifications, Contacts integration, the built-in camera, and more. As a benefit, you can deploy new UI enhancements to your application with adjustments to your web server without having to redeploy the application itself. Leveraging web content in your native app is also a great way to ramp up on native development without having to scale back or discard your existing web development investments.

Development Checklist

By the end of the development phase you should have a basic understanding of:

  • iOS SDK tools including Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments, and Simulator

  • The key APIs and frameworks for enterprise in‑house development

  • Basics of web development and HTML5

  • iOS architecture for tapping into back‑office systems

  • Best practices for application security