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Leverage your existing resources.

Often, the best way to build an application efficiently is to leverage existing technology. If you have something thatʼs already built, see if itʼs possible to reuse it. You might want to do an inventory of your employee websites and determine if it makes sense to optimize them for iPhone or iPad. Or, you might have back-end systems with data in a form you can easily deliver in a mobile context.

Also, donʼt forget apps already in the App Store. Instead of building something, maybe you can just adopt an app thatʼs already available. Review the Asset Inventory example below for additional questions that can help you survey your existing environment.

Asset Inventory Example

Answering these questions can help you determine if you can reuse existing technology in your mobile app:

  • What systems do the most mobile part of your workforce use every day?
  • What do your mobile workers need to do the most?
  • What manual processes could be automated or simplified by mobile apps?
  • Do you have existing non-mobile systems that could become useful for mobile workers?
  • Which functions within those systems are used most frequently?
  • What kind of data access do your enterprise systems provide? Is data easily accessed through web services?
  • Do you have internal websites that your employees access everyday?
  • Could these websites easily become mobile apps?

Planning Checklist

By the end of the planning phase you should have a scope of work that includes:

  • Inventory of all potential business needs/requirements

  • IT infrastructure requirements to support project effort

  • Application definition statement describing the app and purpose of the solution

  • General project timeline and milestones

  • Identified team of stakeholders with roles and responsibilities defined

  • Started the enrollment process for the iOS Developer Enterprise Program