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Learn about in-house app development for iPhone and iPad.

Typical enterprise software development projects absorb huge resources during the development phase. Using the iOS SDK and high-level Cocoa Touch frameworks, your development teams can spend less time coding and more time designing the ideal user experience. Not only does this process enable you to deliver an app for your employees more quickly, but it also helps you provide solutions that exceed your usersʼ expectations. With iOS development, make sure you budget time and resources to invest in the design process as a central and ongoing part of your app development effort.

Typical Development Cycle

iOS Development Cycle

Creating a scope of work

To help you stay focused and communicate your process, your plan should include a central scope of work document that includes all project resources, goals, objectives, timelines, and key deliverables. This is an important guide to the project for all stakeholders. The scope of work can incorporate preliminary technical requirements for your application as well as flow-charts or visual diagrams to help communicate the intent of the application concept during the development phase. The more your team understands the balance of work throughout the process and the steps they need to take to execute the plan, the more effectively they can create something remarkable.


  • Scope project
  • Obtain approvals
  • Assemble team


  • Architecture design
  • Project plan built
  • Initial wireframes
  • Developer sizing
  • Storyboarding


  • Training
  • Coding of app
  • Test cases
  • Unit testing


  • Test on devices
  • Automated UI tests
  • Bug fix
  • Design review/tweaks
  • Stakeholder walkthrough


  • Internal release of app
  • Stakeholder signoff
  • Maintenance plan

Planning Checklist

By the end of the planning phase you should have a scope of work that includes:

  • Inventory of all potential business needs/requirements

  • IT infrastructure requirements to support project effort

  • Application definition statement describing the app and purpose of the solution

  • General project timeline and milestones

  • Identified team of stakeholders with roles and responsibilities defined

  • Started the enrollment process for the iOS Developer Enterprise Program