adidas miCoach SMART BALL

adidas miCoach SMART BALL

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adidas miCoach SMART BALL

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Boy watches a professional soccer player on TV taking several direct kicks on a soccer field.

Boy goes outside with his adidas miCoach SMART BALL.

The boy opens up the adidas app to sync the adidas miCoach SMART BALL to his iPhone.

The boy places the adidas miCoach SMART BALL on the ground and kicks the ball against a concrete wall.

Boy is disappointed with his kick.

Boy syncs his kick data to his iPhone, and then watches tips and tricks from the adidas app.

The boy takes several more shots, and is pleased with his results.

Boy shares his data via social media.

The boy's friends come to compare thier power kicks using the adidas miCoach SMART BALL.

The boy and his friends enjoy their competition, and then sit down to see the feedback from the adidas app.

Kick. Share. Compare.


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