can 5g iPods use the same charger as the 4g iPods?

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    No. The iPod 4 charger has the 30 pin connector while the iPod 5 has the lightning connector.

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  • No, because iPod Touch 5th generation uses a lightning to USB cable, but an iPod Touch 4th generation uses a 30-pin connecter to USB cable. But you can get an adapter to make the 30 pin connecter into lightning one, or you can just use the lightning cable included with your iPod Touch

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  • Not directly, but you can buy a lightning to 30-pin adapter that lets you use chargers and all of your old dock connectors if you want.

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  • Let's answer your question properly. What you are calling a charger is in fact a power supply. That power supply plugs into your wall and is attached via either a 30 pin cable or lightning cable. The "charger" is in the internal circuitry of the the ipod and regulates the amount of charge your device receives. 5g ipods use the lightning cable and 4g ipods use the 30pin cable. Each cable has a USB male that fits into the USB female port on the power supply. So in summary you can use the same power supply for each ipod but will need to swap the cable depending on whether you use the 5g or 4g ipod.

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  • No, Apple iPod touch 5th gens use the lightning connector.

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  • no you can't because the ports are made diifferently. however, you could use an iphone 5s charger as a ipod touch 5g charger

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  • no the 4 charger is wider than the 5

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  • No they can't because in 2012 their was complaints about the having to be careful about what way you put in the charger so apple added a new one to the ipod 5

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  • no

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  • NO but you can buy an adapter for 30 dollars

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