Can the application switcher feature be configured with Magic Mouse like with the Mighty Mouse trackball-click?

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    It turns out that if you disconnect your Magic Mouse and reconnect your old mouse, set the "secondary click" to "application switcher" in the mouse system settings, then disconnect old mouse and reconnect Magic Mouse, it will "remember" that and your Magic Mouse's secondary click (right click for right handers) will not be the application switcher!

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  • Nope

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  • There's a program called MagicPrefs.

    You can set up the Application Switcher as a mid-click,

    as well as set up a variety of very useful clicks and gestures.

    It's free and it works perfectly. Highly recommended.

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  • Funny. I just got a new computer with a new magic mouse -- which I had successfully configured to have the right click set to the application switcher. Couldn't figure out how to do it again. Googled it. Found this and FOUND MY OWN ANSWER! (Jennie Menke here. I had to log in as my husband to answer it because it wouldn't let me leave another answer). The guy right above this said "nope" so I was worried it would no longer work, but it did. I reconnected my old mighty mouse (maybe this doesn't work with an old magic mouse. I'm not sure cuz I didn't try it that way). I set the right click to application switcher. Disconnected it and reconnected magic mouse and presto! my right click is now application switcher. It is INSANE they don't let you configure that. Anyway. It does still work.

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