Do i need a mouse pad? I have a neat laser pad, will this work okay? thanks all

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    Laser tracking engine.

    Magic Mouse features a laser tracking engine that’s far more sensitive and responsive on more surfaces than traditional optical technology. That means it can track with precision on nearly every surface with no mousepad required.

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  • The magic mouse works on every surface, so you do not have to use a mouse pad. The only surface that the magic mouse does not recognize is glass.

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  • The advert says it will track on almost any surface so you should not need any mouse or laser pad. Of course, you may want to protect the base of the mouse (if the surface you use it on is rough) or the surface of your desk (if it is very susceptible to scratches).

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  • As the others have stated, a mouse pad is not required. However, I have a clear glass coffee table. The Magic Mouse does not respond to this surface. Frosted glass maybe a different story. Unfortunately I don't have one in the house to test. Great mouse otherwise.

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  • The magic mouse will not work on glass. It is also very sensitive if you use it on a mouse pad which is raised from your work surface. If the optical head moves off the edge of the mouse pad then it can lose its connectivity and you have to wait until it reconnects.

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  • you don't have to use a mouse mat with the new apple magic mouse

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  • Yes, it'll work with the laser pad. I did experience some persistent and consistent tracking problems on the faux cherry veneer of my bare desktop, but it tracks really well with my regular mousepad.

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  • I'm using a display model at the Apple Store in Norfolk VA and no mouse pad is needed.

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  • The mouse will work on all surfaces, even the human hand funnily enough, so it will definitely work on a laser pad.

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