does the bluetooth connectivity work through walls?

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    Short answer: Very doubtful.

    Long answer: Due to the specified power consumption in the bluetooth specifications, the transmitters have a VERY limited range. Class 3 bluetooth devices are only allowed 1 mW of power, translating to 0 db, and a range of about 3 feet. Class 2 Devices are limited to 2.5 mW, with a range around 30 feet. Class 1 devices are the exception, but this mouse is not using 100 mW to transmit, I'm sure. If it were, It might have a range of 300 ft. Real-world range is affected by many things, including interference (caused by other devices and reflected RF). The sensitivity of the receivers seems to be adequate, but I doubt you'll get a reliable connection from 30 feet, much less through a wall.

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  • To Antony B - Could be that the OP wanted to use his computer (MacBook, Mini, whatever) as a media center, hidden out of sight in an enclosed equipment cabinet or on a rack in another room. Then he would use wireless mouse and keyboard to control that computer remotely.

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  • umm...this might seem like a daft question, but why will you need your mighty mouse bluetooth connectivity to work through a wall? Surely you'll be sat in viewing distance to the computer/monitor anyway?
    Through a wall suggests you'd use your mouse in a different room. Have i missed something...?

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