dose it work in good old Leopard? (10.5.8)

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  • Minimum Requirements:

    A Bluetooth-enabled Macintosh computer

    Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later with Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0

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  • Yes; it says that in the "requirements".

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  • Yes

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  • Yes there is a an update here:
    http: (double forward slash) (Forward Slash)kb DL951

    n.b This post wouldn't let me paste the web address :(

    if you don't understand that answer, go to then select the Support Tab, Then search for "magic mouse driver". The link will show up.

    Install the driver to allow all features of the Magic Mouse :)

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  • The description page says that it does. 10.5.8 and later.

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  • Yes, as you have the software provided with the mouse.

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  • yes

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  • Those are the minnimum requirements but you need to have wireless mouse software v.1.0
    to check if you do click check for updates in the apple menu of your computer.

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