how do you access dashboard if there is no middle click?

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    Actually, it is F4 on the iMac keyboard, I know that because I'm typing on one.
    Hope this Helps!!!

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  • Magic Mouse 2 finger swipe from Left to Right will bring up dashboard.

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  • F4, not F12, on the keyboard produces Dashboard with my Magic Mouse on my aluminium wired keyboard.

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  • To access the dashboard set yourself a keyboard shortcut. The same goes for the expose function. Its really easy to do:

    Open the System preferences pane
    Click on the Icon called Expose and Spaces
    Make sure your then click the expose button on this screen
    You can change how you want expose and dashboard to work on this page
    Once you have changed it to how you need it to be then quit system prefs and it works perfectly!

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  • You can use the keyboard or the dock, but you can also access it from your mouse if you set up a secondary click function in System Preferences>Mouse, then go to System Preferences>Expose & Spaces. There you can set up your secondary click to open dashboard. You have to set up the secondary click for your mouse first, then set it to open dashboard, or it won't work.

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  • I have my dashboard assigned to the top right corner of the screen in "expose & spaces" preferences pane under preferences.

    I also have "all windows" assigned to lower left, and "desktop" assigned to lower right. It's a huge productivity improvement over using a keyboard shortcut.

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  • Push the F12 button on your keyboard

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  • New Apple keyboards (Aluminium) have a Dashboard key, otherwise you can always set it to a screen "hot corner".

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  • By using the F12 key or by selecting Dashboard from the Dock.

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  • F12 key.

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  • Dashboard can be accessed by using active screen corners in exposes & spaces or adding a dashboard icon to your dock or using third party software to add the middle click functionality.
    (Just do a google search for "middle click magic mouse")

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  • Just received my mouse today. As far as I can tell you no longer have the ability to access Dashboard since there is no longer a middle click or ability to squeeze the sides of the mouse for Expose.

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  • Press F12 or whatever it is on the new keyboards ;)

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  • F12 using a PC USB wireless Gyration keyboard on Mavericks.

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  • With Lion, after you set up the mouse, I found a double finger right swipe also worked in addition to F12.

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  • You can set the dashboard to a secondary mouse button.

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