I got 2 Mac and would like to buy 2 Magic Mouses. The both Mac are in the same room, will there be interferences between both mouses ?

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    No, each bluetooth device (by standard of design) will only interact with the device it was syncronized to, as each mouse has a unique bluetooth device serial id.

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  • No, since it is bluetooth you won't have that problem. Currently I have three Macs in one room each with their own mouse all within 10 feet of each other. When setting it up with your Mac it will give you an access code to use just like setting up bluetooth with your cell phone and this will prevent interference.

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  • The mouse uses Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to your Mac. Bluetooth connections are based on an agreement that two devices--in this case your Mac and you mouse--will work together indefinitely. This agreement is called "pairing" and you do it once when you setup your mouse. The pairing process usually involves entering a pin or code into one device that identifies the other device. The mouse will probably have a multi-digit code that you enter into your Mac when it sees the mouse. From then on, only that mouse will work with that Mac because the code is unique to each mouse (and each of the millions of mice that Apple produces will likely have their own code.) So, in cases like yours, you can have two mice operating within range of each other without interference.

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  • I have the same setup and have no issues with the new Magic Mouse, just setup one before the other.

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