I purchased a Magic Mouse when they first came out. Is buying a new one give you an updated version? Do they wear out over time?    Thanks,  Stan

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  • I think mine did wear out.

    After experiencing drop-outs (random disconnections) and the mysterious cursor "jiggling" in some applications, I finally decided to get a new Magic Mouse to see if it made a difference: it did.

    Comparing the feel of the old and the new, the "click" sensation on the new mouse is much more crisp, and so far I've had zero problems with the jiggling cursor.

    There's a fair amount of dust and pollen in my environment, so I used canned air on the sensor bulbs in the old mouse from time to time, which has a brief salutary effect on the "jiggling" problem, but it always came back. My guess is that the microswitch that clicks in the mouse may have become fouled with dust, possibly causing some problems.

    At $79 for an instant fix, I'm pleased with the result.


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