What surfaces will the Magic Mouse work on? I have a sheet of class covering my desk, will it work on glass?

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    From first hand experience I can say the Magic Mouse does NOT work on glass. I have a glass top desk and the Magic Mouse. If I lay a sheet of paper on top of the glass MM works fine. If I tape that same piece of paper under the glass, it does not work at all.

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  • I am going to go out on a limb and say probably not. Glass has a supper smooth and clear surface that makes bouncing a laser back almost imposible which is why no laser mouse that I know of works on smooth glass. It may work but I would doubt it. As the documentation says it will work on most surfaces and I think they are talking about glass as the exception.

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  • No. My wife's desk is made from fully transparent glass. The magic mouse does not work on it at all without a piece of paper or mouse pad under it.

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  • No it will not

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  • The Magic Mouse will most likely work on glass.

    Tracking takes place with the use of an infrared laser that is able to see very subtle textures on most surfaces. This texture helps a mouse detect its movement.

    Optical mice (such as the Apple Mouse) use a less sensitive method that can't see texture in glass. So your chances will be much better, but an opaque dull surface might be more reliable.

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