what type of battery is best

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    To be kind to the environment use rechargeable batteries. I use the Sanyo Eneloop batteries which I alway find last at least a month. You can also purchase a little usb charger for them so if you buy 4 batteries you can always keep a spare set fully charged. The beauty of these batteries is that they hold their charge unlike a lot of rechargeable batteries.

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  • Well, from experience I know that "Energizer Lithium" batteries last about 4-5 months, while other cheap batteries only last a month or so. Also stay away from rechargeable batteries because they don't last NO where as long as lithium batteries.

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  • I'd have to agree that for best battery life you will want to use a lithium AA. However, those batteries are not cheap and I'd rather use a rechargeable battery. (You decide if I'm cheap or if I'm green) I get about a month or so out of a pair rechargeable cells, but only if you use the low self-discharge (like Eneloop)

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  • It comes with 2x AA Energizer batteries. So I would suggest you get something similar when they need to be replaced.

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  • I prefer the Sanyo Eneloop batteries. (Note: it looks like Panasonic has now taken over the Eneloop brand). These batteries are rechargeable (so presumably much better for the environment), not expensive, recharge very quickly, with the Magic Mouse they run for roughly eight weeks on each charge (assuming I turn the mouse off each night), have a very low self-discharge if not used, and seem to work well in other electronic devices. Also, from the mac you can check the battery charge state in two clicks (i.e. System Preferences -> Mouse).

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