Emulating mouse scroll wheel and wheel button click? And.. Trackpad click-lock for dragging with one finger?

I use SketchUp and use a two-button and scroll-wheel/button mouse. The center wheel controls zoom, but is also a button and when clicked controls orbit/pan/etc. Major workflow requirement. Does the Magicpad emulate this in any way?

ALSO! Majorly important for using the pad with one hand.. My Win laptop has a feature/option (in accessibility options, I believe) that allows you to double-tap to grab a window or object, and the grab locks the click-down action until you click a second time to release it. i.e. You can double tap to start a drag, then pick up your finger and move the item as necessary, then tap again to finish the move. no need to hold your thumb and twist your hand around to move the other finger. I use this a lot. Is this an option as well?

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    I'm using the Magic Trackpad on a Win7 machine. Two finger swipe emulates the scroll wheel up and down. Ctrl+click emulates clicking the scroll wheel (i.e. opening a link in a new tab, etc.).

    The second option you mention is standard functionality for the trackpad (click lock) unless you install 3rd party controllers to allow you to modify the trackpad functionality.

    FYI, I had to install Boot Camp (manually) in order to use the Trackpad. There is a great tutorial online to do this.

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  • Ctrl + CMD + Click - emulates clicking on scroll button, tested.

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