Is there one-touch access to spaces/windows like the Mighty Mouse could with the side and center push capability?

I currently am still with my Mighty Mouse. I very often use the side buttons and center-push option to access all of my windows and spaces quickly while doing data transfer/processing. Is there a way to program this quick access to windows and spaces into the trackpad, aside from using the active screen corners? I think that is the only thing I'll miss about my mouse.

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  • I also was missing my side buttons on my original mouse to display the widgets while using the trackpad. There is an easy fix. You will see the widgets icon on the F4 button or you can hold the fn key then press the F12 button. An easy one button press (F4) which is an easy replacement for me. Also, review the trackpad capabilities to ensure it meets your entire needs at the bottom of the trackpad web page or check it out inside a store if you have one close by.

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    The Magic Trackpad uses the same multitouch gestures as the trackpads built into all MacBooks. While there is no way to activate Spaces via it, dragging four fingers downwards will active Exposé for all windows within the current space.

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  • Yes, with a four finger swipe, you can access expose or show the desktop. However, to access spaces, you must use the keyboard.

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  • no, but you can do it with 4 fingers because it is so big it is just as effortless and it is really nice surface and it matches up seamlessly with the the keyboard really nice for a glass desk

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  • You can do the four finger motion on the latest MBP touchpads- up for the desktop, down for all windows. Swiping four fingers sideways brings up the Cmd+Tab app menu.

    That being said- use the Expose hot corners! Everyone hates that until they get used to it, but I could never go back! I have my upper right set to the desktop, the upper left set to all windows in current app, the lower left set to all windows (hardly use that), and the lower right set to lock the screen. Once you learn to stop hitting them accidentally, theyre invaluable.

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