Would the Magic Mouse work with Microstation (Run via Bootcamp/ Parallel)?

Hello reader, I am Architecture student and will be buying a MacBook Pro Retina 15" very soon (If I wanted a PC I would have bought one so please don't comment on that).

I use Microstation for some of my design work and will be using Parallel or Bootcamp to run this program on my MBPR, I want to get a Magic Mouse but I do not know if the controls or gestures will work with the program i.e. panning around an object in 3D. I called Bentley Support (The software producers of Microstation) and they said oddly enough told me it hadn't been tested before. So if you have been or know of someone in this situation I would be most grateful if you could let me know if the controls on the Magic Mouse work with Microstation or if I need to get a mouse with a scroll wheel.

Furthermore if I do need to get a standard mouse w/ scroll wheel what would you recommend? It can be within the same budget as the magic mouse but has to be wireless (Bluetooth preferred), ergonomic and well designed. Thank you all for taking your time to read this rather lengthy description and I do look forward to hopeful helpful comments.

Oh and have a wonderful New Year!

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    At the moment I use Autocad on my 21.5 iMac with 8gb Ram. I recommend using Bootcamp as it uses all the computer memory. If you use parallel it will share the total memory between the two systems i.e. half to mac and half to windows. Parallel is good if you want to run windows and apple programs side by side but don't require the full amount of memory for a particular one.

    Running Autocad i prefer using a standard mouse as it has the dedicated left and right buttons also with the scroll wheel. I find the magic mouse is too sensitive and some functions don't work as easily as a standard mouse. I find the best way to buy a standard mouse that suits you is go in and have a look. I use logitech myself.

    Hope this helps.

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