does the amber light remains steady or flashing?

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    The amber light is steady if it is charging.

    If the amber light is flashing it means that there is some problem with charging the batteries, maybe they aren't compatible with the charger, they are in the wrong way around or they are defective.

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  • If the charger 'blinks' when you plug it in, take the batteries out and then put them back till you have a steady light.

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  • My charger blinked when I first tried charging the batteries. I also found that by unplugging it and plugging it in a few times (5 - 10 times), then eventually the light stayed on solid and the batteries charged fine, through to a green light and eventually the light turns off.

    Waiting until the light turns off gives you the maximum charge as reported by the Bluetooth device menu entry for your keyboard or trackpad battery level. If you stop when the light is green, the charge will be 80 - 90%. If you wait until the light turns off, it reaches 100%.

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  • steady

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  • The above answer is in the instructions leaflet. I just purchased one a couple of days ago and found that the three pair of batteries accompanying the charger caused the amber light flashing initially. If the above statement is true, I need to return the whole pack to Apple. I didn't do it. I examined to ensure no incorrect polarity and bad connection to the battery contacts and left them to be charged for a while. Then the amber light stopped the flashing. It appeared to me that amber light flashing may give false alarm to the customers and Apple needs better explanation to the customers IMO.

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  • The amber light should be steady. If it flashes there is something wrong. I sometimes have this problem and generally if I use the top plug in an electrical socket it works best.

    Recently I have found that there may be a connection issue between the prongs of the plug-in mechanism and the part where the batteries are set. Those two parts can be separated and I think a connection issue can result if it the two are put back incorrectly or if the they are loose. I recently had quite a bit of difficulty getting the amber light to remain steady. When I tried to remove the metal prongs and then put it back, the connection seemed to be corrected and the light no longer flashed and remained steady. It seems to me that it is an issue regarding the connectivity of the metal prongs that go into the socket and their relation to the part where the batteries sit. If that connection is loose or not close then you will get the flashing amber light.

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  • The light on the charger flashes red..

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