Can I control each light individually? Or can I group them separately?

Can I control each of them individually? or can I group them per room and use it separately?

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    You can create lighting schemes that affect your lights, and you can select which lights participate.

    You create a scheme by selecting a photograph and picking colors within the image. You can select which lights you want to use in the scheme. It's very simple to do and very smoothly done. So you can use it to run lights 1 and 2 separately while light 3 stays as is.

    I think that in practice this might be a little confusing. I would tend to create schemes that controlled all the lights together, especially since they are such low power that wasting electricity is not an issue.

    But if you associate certain rooms with certain moods, you could name the scheme after the room and go from there.

    Hope that helps.


  • Yes you can control them individually, make scenes, store these, and control lights per room.

  • Yes and Yes. You can even have multiple groups and individual. You can have scenes that only use some of the bulbs. i.e. I have three in one lamp and scenes/programs just for that lamp. Other scenes/programs address all the bulbs, other rooms etc.....very easy to use program. Philips should make program function without bulbs so people can try it out.

  • You can control them individually and/or group them, but it has to be done explicitly for each "scene" that you edit.

    At any time in the app you can bring up a panel that shows the color (in landscape mode) and brightness (in portrait mode) for each bulb independently. Here you can control each separately.

    From the main screen you can select any given "scene" which by default turns all the lights on to a color that appears in the picture associated with the scene. You can choose which of the bulbs are active in the scene and then set those colors by dragging a little color picker cross hair around the image. There is one crosshair for each bulb, but if you drag one onto the other they merge in to a group that allows you to set both bulbs together. You then can set an on or off timer for the scene and save it. This grouping, however, doesn't become the default for new scenes that you create - so you can't just permanently tie a group of bulbs together, you have to do it in every scene you create or edit.