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    won't record screen!

    I just bought quick time pro 7 for windows and it doesn't allow to record your screen. This is the only reason I bought the program and am extremely disappointed that it doesn't work. I watched several how to videos (there aren't many for QTP on windows system) looking for a solution but the program is just different from the Mac version. I haven't used it for anything else and plan to try and get a refund.

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    Can't reload.

    So I don't have a problem with QT Pro itself. But I had to re-do my hard drive, now my registration number won't re-take. When I input it in preferences, it looks like it takes it, but then when you close and re-open, it's not registered as pro. Can not find any help on the website, nor can I find a way to contact for help. Booo Apple. This shouldn't be this hard.

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    QuickTime for Windows

    Very dissapointed. Waste of money. This is my first venture into Apple software product. QuickTime Pro does not do what it claims. For example, if you want to clip a lenghty video the resulting video when played is in fact the desired shortened clip but the new file is no smaller than the original.

    If there was a way to return the product and get my money back I would do it. But Apple has my money and I have no satifaction. No more Apple products for me.

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    Not enough media formats/extensions

    Pretty good, but there aren't enough formats supported to convert all of my movies...

    kind of a bummer... :(

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    Lame Alert - won't work on 64-bit Win 7

    It'd be nice is Apple ACTUALLY MENTIONED THAT THIS WON'T WORK ON 64-BIT OS! It just freezes up, and intermittently crashes the computer on startup....at least until you hit 3rd party forums and find out what's going on.

    Apple doesn't say a thing about this in their system requirements. And software that's not available for 64-bit systems!?! What year is this - 2005? Super lame.

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    Okay but not great

    I purchased this product to export .mov files to .avi files so I could use them. It does do it BUT the quality isn't great. After playing with the quality settings in the export window, I was able to improve the quality but it still isn't great. I will use them with this project as it doesn't need to be great but if you need high quality this isn't the product for you. Just in case you're wondering the videos in the .mov format when viewed in quicktime were good quality just not after being exported to AVI.

    now after reading reviews I have to worry about it crashing itunes. Oh well I may have to update this if that happens.

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    Very deceiving!

    Wow! Quick Time is the least user friendly sofware I've ever tried to put some movies together with some text. I bought the pro version because my friend saved all our videos in QT format on his camera. Next time, it crtainly will not be that format. It has nothing in common woth other softwares of that type so you have to read all the instructions to understand how it works. Much time wasted.

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    Value for money?

    I Think that Quicktime Pro's extra features compared to the standard version is laughable. Why should you pay about 30 dollars for it. I think it is way to expensive. You can do a lot of the stuff i iTunes..

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    OK, but Comparable Software is Better!

    I have an ARCHOS 504 portable media file player. It's great! I use many different encoding software to make files that can playback on the 504. It supports AVI, DIVX, and MP4 (as well as MPG, MEPG, VOB, H.264 with additional purchased plug-in). I first purchased QuickTime 7 Pro so that I could encode files in a non-proprietary MP4 format. However, for the price you pay, you have very few if any real editing options.
    I now use Nero Digital for encoding movies and TV episodes in MP4 and DivX Author to do the same in DIVX. I tend to use Microsoft Encoder for video files that are usually less than 10 minutes long. I then encode the files in HD format (which takes a long time) but is really worth the wait! It usually keeps original quality even though you're enlarging the image to HD 720p size. Apple has got a lot of catching up to do! It's too reliant on the early explosive success of the iPod, however that's way old news and old technology!

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    h.264 sucks

    I bought quick time pro one month ago. I found my old camera it is 1.3 mega pixels. I made a video, and then I went to the quick time website found the directions on how to make a h.264 movie. I followed the exact steps on how to make a h.264 movie. It took about 20 minutes to finish. The end product was 4 times the size of the original. I played both the versions side by side without the sound and there was barely any difference. I think there is not much improvement in the h.264 codec. I am hoping to see some improvement in there next HD codec.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Slow to Export. Won't Open AVI.

    I bought this product so I could export some MOV files (on xp). It takes forever compared to other software, exporting to other formats. 3 hrs now and 21% of a 5 minute clip.

    I also tried to open some AVI files. Every other piece of software opens them fine, but Quicktime only opens the soundtrack.

    Compared to other products, the support documentation is sparse.

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    Pretty unhappy with Windows version

    I thought what I had read from the other Windows reviewers was probably just them... it would work for me. Nope. I get the same buffer over run error when I try to export to MOV. Also, the MPEG-2 plug in appears to be for QT6... QT7 doesn't recognize my MPEG-2 files as valid movie files (even though I have a myriad of applications which do). I'm not very happy with it. Caveat Emptor.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Product from apple

    I go tthis product just so i can put videos on my ipod...i was disapointed at the way you need to convert the file...its requires you to convert the file one at a time (you cant have set up a list and let it run..) and the conversion time is very slow. I gave it a two instead of a one because it does what it says but in a very poor fashion...and is not worth $30.00

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    Cant rip DVDs

    If you think I tunes pro will let you rip your dvd's so you can watch them on the road with an ipod, think again. You need an additional 20$ MPEG 2 decoder. What a rip off, they could have easily included that, H.264 is partly based off of MPEG-2. They are just sticking it too us is all.

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    QuickTime 7 Pro

    This software was bought because I needed to convert my videos to the correct format so i could transfer them to my video iPod, but after it had changed the format of 8% it no longer worked. After leaving the software to run for 3 days it still hadn't changed anymore of the video. I tried the application with more than one video and none of them worked. Very disappointed as this was the main reason for purchasing QuickTime 7 Pro

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    Quick Time Pro Upgrade

    Quick time pro is great... BUT... you have to buy and install itunes to get it. I do not want itunes... I do not have an ipod... I don't want an ipod... and if you GAVE me an ipod I would sell it. Tis a shame that Apple has decided to force you to take itunes just to get Quick time pro. I would think they (Apple) might even be able to lower the price a little if they didn't bundle quick time with itunes.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    No Converstion from MS Recorded TV Show to anything

    Bought this so we could convert TV shows recorded on MS media center .. no such luck .. it doesn't do it .. now need to buy something else

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    is it useful for ipod video

    ok so I updated my quiktime player to pro so that I could convert my videos to mpeg-4 so that they could be played to my ipod (video) it does the job but it takes FOREVER to transfer to mpeg-4 its a good video player but not so good for a video converter i suggest if you want to use this software to transfer your vidoes to ipod format your wasteing your money i suggust you use a different program

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    Slow for IPOD

    They charged me 400 dollars for an IPOD, then 30 to put video on it, and it takes 40 years to complete the conversion of a 60,000 KB file? I am not kidding, my computer is brand new, quick, and the video conversion takes entirely too long. There is a slight chance that I have gone wrong somewhere, but it is very slight.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Too much for an upgrade

    Once I purchased the key and installed it, Pro 7 worked fine in exporting my movies. The problem I have is with the price for an upgrade - supply and demand I guess. Also, they don't make it very easy to install. They hide the instructions to install the key in little itty-bitty type below your order summary. That took a while to find. Otherwise, it's fine.

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