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    Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Bike Computer

    Unsatisfactory :( Drops signal from phone to device, even when in close proximity. Updates difficult to install with failures. Battery life not at all acceptable. I will find some other device. Just want to ride, not make it project.

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    Good idea - AWFUL EXECUTION

    I've tried to like this RFLKT. When it works it works very well, but the battery on the unit only lasts for 6-8 hours. Not my iPhone6 but the actual battery in the RFLKT which isn't all that easy to find, a Duracell 2450. Poor design. My Cateye computers could last a season on a battery. Further, what kind of moron designs a device that eats batteries that also requires removal of four tiny screws in order to get at the battery compartment? A waste of $129.

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    Do not buy Wahoo Rflkt

    I have owned a rflkt and rflkt+ and in both cases they did not last more than a year. Aside from poor updates from Wahoo (recent battery error update took over a month before wahoo acknowledged the issue and fixed it) they are very cheap in build quality and only work when they feel like it. If you are thinking about one of these take it from an avid cyclist - don't buy one! Just use your iphone or get a Garmin. Too bad I really liked the cyclemeter App!!

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    The First Review!

    It looks as though this is the first review of the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT (April 11, 2013).

    Before purchasing this device this afternoon, I read up on the device online (it was received favorably). I've also purchased the Wahoo cadence sensor and HR monitor and had good experiences with these two devices particularly with the Wahoo Fitness App.

    Unfortunately, I have to give this device a big thumbs down. Here are my reasons:

    1) The device comes with two mounts. I didn't want to use the mount in which the RFLKT was "pre-mounted" and had a very difficult time getting the RFLKT out. I took a look at the Wahoo Fitness video and other youtube videos that demonstrated how to pop the RFLKT out of the mount. Of course, it's as easy as pie on the videos but my experience was anything but. I always felt as though I was going to break the device or the mount with the pressure I was putting on it. I eventually got it out, but it was not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

    2) The device is paired using Bluetooth with my iPhone (and I have confirmed this using the Wahoo Fitness app and the Wahoo Utilities app). The RFLKT screen, however, is stuck "Loading Pages" (whatever that means). I have tried forgetting the device, rebooting my iPhone and reloading the Wahoo Fitness app and I have not yet been able to get the RFLKT to do anything except tell me that it is "Loading Pages".

    3) Wahoo customer service does not list a phone number. I sent in an inquiry via Wahoo's website a few hours ago and still have not heard back from them. Before I sent the inquiry, I also looked on their website and because there is no portion of their Support site which is dedicated to RFLKT (perhaps it's too new of a device).

    So as of now, I just paid over $130 for a little black device that does nothing except tell me that it is "Loading Pages." That makes me a sad bear.

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