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    Love mine!

    I've had mine for about a year and a half (or two and a half). I got it on a pre-Christmas sale from amazon. I love it. It works great with my Macbook Pro, and also with my work Dell. I use mine to elevate my laptop so that it sits just next to my external monitor. It gives me a second screen that is right next to the external one rather than having to look down at the laptop monitor and then back up at the external one. Now I just scan horizontally. I use this every day and it does just that. I don't actually see the advantage of using it the way TwelveSouth shows on their website, with no external monitor hooked up. I see several reviews mentioning that the stand is wobbly. Mine was that way at first, but I pulled the inner piece into the outer piece a little further and it really tightened things up. I haven't had any problems since.

    This is not designed to be taken apart and put back together, and TwelveSouth mentions that on their website, so if you're looking for a travelling stand, this is not the one for you.

    All in all, it's really been a great stand. I use it with an external keyboard and mouse, but it's sturdy enough to type on if I wanted to. I felt it was a great deal at the $25 I paid for it, but if mine were to break today, I would have no issues buying another one at full price.

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    A Perfect Stand!

    I have a 2015 MBP w/ Retina and it fits like a dream. It was very easy to assemble and it works great! It's a little wobbly when there's nothing on it but once my laptop's resting on it, it's sturdy and it looks great! I would highly recommend this stand to anyone!

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    Works great for me

    Just received the GhostStand today and it's a perfect fit for my needs.

    I wanted to address some issues other reviewers have mentioned, as I think they may be misleading.

    Many people have complained about it breaking after disassembling it, but it mentions clearly on the product when you open it that it is not intended to be disassembled and could break if you try to disassemble it. This is a bit of a bummer, as it would be nice to be able to disassemble for travelling, but if you buy it without having disassembly in mind, it should work for you.

    Some reviewers mention it breaking upon assembly. I followed the instructions carefully, making sure to angle the pieces in the same orientation that the instructions show and I think that my have helped create less stress in assembly. Twisting the pieces however you want to snap them together may seem harmless, but some angles would require a lot more flex in the product for them to snap together.

    Some reviews complained about their MacBook slipping off the stand. Mine grips just fine, and I'm wondering if perhaps they’ve placed the stand on their desk upside down? There is an arrow on the product that you may think is supposed to face up, but that's the Twelve South logo and it's supposed to point down. (It's a number 12 forming a down arrow to symbolize South. Get it?)

    The other complaints seemed to be about wobbly MacBook Airs. I could see how that could likely happen, but if you have a 15" Retina MacBook Pro like me, it will sit solidly and wobble-free on this stand.

    So it's working great for me, and compared to other options, I find it to be great value. The height is right, as my MacBook's screen is now vertically centered with my Cinema Display (not exactly but pretty close). It also looks great, and another plus for me is that there's room under my laptop for my mouse to travel, which is needed with the tight space I have on my desk and none of the other stands I saw seemed to allow for that.

    I have only owned the product for a day, but I'll update this review if I discover any problems. So far I'm very happy with my purchase.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    This stand is basic, but it is purely beautiful. The packaging is fantastic and high quality, assembly is simple, and now my desk feel like a control centre! I can sit in my chair and get a near perfect ergonomic positioning, which is very important in a desk job! It also looks beautiful either in use or not.

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    Good stand

    This stand aren't the best built quality you can get from the market or even compare with the other stands from TwelveSouth, they broke when I use heavy force but it still works fine which is why I'm giving it a five star,good for tables that are made with steel to Al, looks really cool from 1-2 meters way, overall, really good

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    Very slick and sexy

    I spend a lot of hours on my macbook pro because I study at uni, and I needed something cheap but looked pleasing on my desk, so I went for the ghost stand. SO GLAD I did! It looks so good on my desk, and its at just the right for using keys and mouse. I love it and recommend for those who spend long hours writing assignments !

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    you can type whilst on this stand.

    For several months i have been putting my macbook pro on 3 thick books to raise it up to a more suitable height on my desk. I bought the ghost stand half expecting it would not be stable enough to type into the laptop whilst it is on the stand. I am pleased to say that my macbook is perfectly stable on the stand and i can type without any problems. Whilst on the stand the macbook is inclined at about 5 degrees which feels comfortable. There are no concerns of slippage off the stand. The stand looks amazing. It isn't very hard to put together just follow the simple instructions in the box. Make sure you have the pieces in the right place by judging the insignia's on the pieces.

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