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    Nice keyboard but sharp edges which makes mark on my finger

    Nice keyboard but sharp edges which makes mark on my fingers skin. Suggest to make the edges rounded that person fingers which are partially on keyboard doesn't gets the mark.

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    Works fine since '09

    Came in Jan 09 with my 24" iMac. Both continue to work fine. I'm on OS 10.5.8. The numeric keypad is essential for me.
    1. Key height – top row shorter, bottom row slightly longer (Apple screwed this up on the new Magic Keyboard).
    2. Tilt angle, tactile feel, ease of cleaning (always turn the keyboard upside down).
    CONs (makes keyboard awkward to use – PC influence):
    1. The registration bumps are on the wrong keys. Apple's original approach was better.
    2. Middle block is wasted. Move the cursor keys to the main keypad (like wireless keyboards) and lose the others.

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    Great Key Action

    We have had one of these for quite a while on our home computer, and it works fine except for one thing: the "r" key occasionally pops off the base and you have to snap it back on. (There have been some complaints here about quality control.) Unfortunately, I never bothered to take it back, even though it happened within the first week or two we owned the thing.

    I just bought another for my work machine, and the quality control issues seem to have been solved. It's a handsome piece of equipment. I love the key action. And everything stays where it's supposed to. So much better than the old Apple white extended keyboard, which was stiffening up beyond my ability to clean it. I can fly on this baby!

    I only wish it came wireless with Bluetooth.

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    Such a good keyboard

    I would love this keyboard even more if Apple made it wireless.

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    Great Keyboard.....but

    Great, easy to use. Although apple needs to release a wireless full size keyboard (as well as the compact version)

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    CAPS Lock

    Re comment about space bar i have the same problem with caps lock. Apart from that its works fine. Note USB does not have enough power to run a memory drive.

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    Has a great feel when you type

    This may sound weird, but since I have long fingernails which I use to type, when I first started using this keyboard my fingers wouldn't hit the keys just right and I was quite frustrated. However, we all learn to adapt and now my fingers "float". Took my thumb a day to adjust to the shallower profile – I kept missing the "control" key.

    After 2 weeks, I still haven't mastered holding down "caps lock" for that split second longer to turn on caps. Quite annoying to have typed something then have to go back and do it again.

    The function keys layout has changed (19 function keys now) and I wish they'd left the eject button where it was, but I love that the function keys have dual functions.

    Am I happy? You bet! Wish my boss would get me one for work...

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    question re: speaker buttons on keyboard

    when I try to adjust the speaker buttons. the mute one brings up display of weather. The volume button to increase sound brings eliminates the page.. the volume to reduce the sound gives me split screen. Has anyone had this problem? I just got the keyboard yesterday.

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    Works Great !!!!!!!! Easy to use right out of the box. I Have three of them. Thanks Apple!!!!!!!!

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    Apple Keyboard

    Aesthetically exceptional! Finished in high quality, handsome materials incorporating smooth rounded corners. Feel good, responsive keys.Operational quietness pleasing-space bar the only 'key' emitting any sound. Special function keys are helpful as Apple has chosen appropriate items to highlight. I would have accorded 5 stars, however, as reported in another post, the 'caps lock' key is a wee bit dysfunctional.....yes, I know, aren't we all!!!

    This kb, simply put, is just another thing that makes me remember why I fell in luvvv with APPLE in the first place!!! APPLE ROCKS-yes, indeed-ROCK ON!!

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    Nice Keyboard

    I just got this new keyboard to work with my MacBook and monitor. When I got the box and it said "made in China", I was a bit worried. I kinda vowed not to buy stuff made in China since I have not been impressed. However, this keyboard has been great. It feels well built, looks nice and if you can type.. you can fly on this keyboard.

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    USB2 port no good for memory stick

    Beautifully designed keyboard and a delight to use but... I bought it expecting that because it was USB2 (my old Apple keyboard was USB1) I could plug my memory stick into it. No such luck - I received a low poor warning.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost the best keyboard...

    Of course the design and look is good, it's an Ive's Apple product. Good to see the environmental message is starting to get through to Steve and co too. But more importantly the usability is excellent once you get used to the change of the function keys.

    There are a few issues to fix...

    I missed desktop expose shortcut but you can change it in System Preferences. The brightness adjustment keys don't work (F1 and 2) - any ideas? The eject button needs to go back to F19. And there is a function key if you look properly (below F13).

    Overall a vast improvement on all keyboard designs - typing is faster and key response times are great. Fix the USB port labellings on the marketing materials and you might get 5*...

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    Class all by itself

    First of all, nothing deserves 5 stars because there is no such thing as ultimate perfection, but this darn thing is close. The main complaint you'll read about this keyboard is the difficulty with typing. I really think those reviews were probably written prematurely. I waited a while and now that my wife and I have gotten used to the soft touch and ease with which the keys depress, we're typing like lightening. Before writing a review, give yourself the opportunity to catch up to this keyboard's capabilities. I'm sure you'll agree that this is an amazing keyboard.

    Just as in design, where form should always follow function, this review was constructed in a similar way. This keyboard is a beautiful piece of art. I'm concerned for Apple, however, in that they'll probably be stuck with this design until clear touch pad keyboards hit the market. This design can't get much better until the next evolution in functionality.

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    Works with PC

    This keyboard works with PC. It is a little different than the typical windows keyboard. The atl and windows keys are switched. The numlock key is a little different but it works fine. There are also seven more function keys. All of these differences don't even matter, because the keyboard so so sweet ans thin. I was able to use my wireless mouse receiver in the usb ports on board, but not other things like a webcam. I love the way this keyboard types, and looks. It is also selling at a competitive price to other keyboards like it. The number pad is a must have.

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    Slim and Trim

    I love the new keyboard! Great design and wonderful touch for us none typists. Only wish it could have been angled a bit more...or had an option to adjust for personal preference. I also wish the wireless keyboard would have been available in the longer format. I never really liked MAC's compressed options of the shorter keyboard and swore I'd never go back after their last attempt at its design. If you are not typing from across the room and don't mind a cable attached to your monitor...get hooked up to the longer version of the keyboard again! I love it! I'd give it a five if they had made it wireless AND long!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    Not only does it look good, but it's so comfortable to type with! I find myself typing emails just so I can use this keyboard. If you are in need of a new keyboard, this one is highly recommended.
    Only drag is the USB ports, Apple still hasn't put a full USB 2.0 hub in their keyboard. If I could plug my iPod into this keyboard it would have received five stars.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Keyboard

    I absolutely love this keyboard. I was a little weary about spending $50 on a wired keyboard, but I am really glad that I did. The touch on this keyboard is amazing and allows me to type very quickly without having to strain my fingers at all. The media control buttons as well as the single Exposé button (you press Command and Option to invoke the other Exposé displays) are really useful. It also works really well when using it on my lap because it has such a low profile that it feels like I am not actually typing on anything.

    My only complaint is that the USB ports are far under the keyboard, so I have to pick it up to plug anything in. This isn't a huge problem, and shouldn't be a reason for someone not to get it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Who knew a keyboard could be this different?

    I had no idea that a keyboard could make this much difference. I actually just bought it because it matched my monitor. I use a MacMini. I came home and downloaded the driver (a bit of a surprise for an apple product) and it worked beautifully. I have my printer running through the side USB slot and have had no problems with the info. I do have one small irritation, however. Because I have limited room for my keyboard and mouse (I'm a researcher), the placement of the USB ports is a little annoying. My printer USB cord interferes with the area I use for my wireless mighty mouse. However, the rest of the product is outstanding!!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Design!!!

    Wow, my old wireless keyboard broke today and I got this as a replacement. The design is really cool! The keys are great and it's so thin! The only downers are:

    1. The USB ports on the side ONLY support mice, not flash drives and iPod connectors.
    2. All the USB ports on my mac are full--the iPod dock takes up one, the usb connector to my printer takes up another, and of course this takes up one.
    3. The key layout is a bit odd.

    The good things are:

    1. The keys are cool and the keyboard is really easy to clean
    2. It looks nicer.
    3. I forgot the last one....it was something great though.... oh! i don't have to waste my allowance on batteries for the wireless anymore!

    worth the $50 bucks you paid.

    and a little something off topic...

    you can't stream videos or music on the iPod touch. Apple really needs to fix some bugs!

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