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    Apple keyboard

    It is amazing!!

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    Best keyboard

    Love the feel of it. Most comfortable keyboard I've ever used. After years of constant use works same as day I got it... Just don't spill coffee on it. It does not like liquids and will not recover after a spill.

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    Love this keyboard!

    I bought this keyboard back in 2007 with my original MacBook.

    Still works like it did on day one. Easy to clean, looks great.

    FANTASTIC to type on. The keys are perfectly spaced out so there's less errors when typing.

    Also charges your iPhone / iPod, IF your Mac has high-powered USB ports.

    There is no better keyboard for your Mac.

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    Fantastic Keyboard that works perfectly!

    A fantastic keyboard that is a pleasure to type on and is well designed - meaning it is easy to type on!
    Keyboard is same design and feel as my Mac Book Pro keyboard and is designed just as well!
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an apple keyboard to use with a Mac.

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    Not sure about the one-star reviews

    I looked through the one-star reviews to see what the general consensus was and it was all about keys not working. I've had this keyboard that I'm typing on right now for over 2 years and it still works *perfectly*. I tend to think that the ones that don't work are the ones where food or drinks get spilled on them. I can't think of any other reason. I imagine that these are probably more sensitive than other keyboards just by the nature of how the switches work and the thinness of the overall profile. So, keep your work area clean and it should be just fine.

    As far as the quality of this keyboard: I love it. Easy to type on, quiet, and fast. The tactile feedback works, even with such a short and soft stroke. I rarely "miss" on this keyboard.

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    Great keyboard

    I bought this with my previous macbook for two main reasons which was to have the numerical pad and so I can carry it with me to use on my work machine to keep the same key layout and because I really like how the keys work compared to standard PC keyboard.

    It accomplishes those tasks well. I've carried mine around for years and it still looks mostly new (disregarding occasionally needing to clean it from my dirt fingers) and it's nice, light and thin.

    What I would really want to see is this exact keyboard but in a wireless version. The other wireless keyboard is sort of pointless for a macbook (no additional keys) and I don't like the idea of having numerical keypad separate even if the Belkin option is a nice option.

    There's not much else to say. It's a keyboard, it types well and it holds up well. What more can you ask for?

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    Really really good

    I'm read the reviews, and still couldn't believe how good this keyboard is. It's so easy to press the keys, and the footprint is so tiny and slick. Best keyboard I've ever used!

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    Bought this along with a Trackpad to use with my MacBook pro & Cinema Display. Excellent functionality, good positive feel to keys and it is great to have 2 extra USB ports.

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    Excellent Product

    I use Bootcamp, and need my machine to operate as windows like as possible, and the addition of this keyboard makes it complete.

    The function keys initially operate within Windows exactly like they do in OS (volume controls, screen brightness, etc.). To modify, you need to change the settings within bootcamp to remove the OS style functionality and instead make a windows keyboard...

    Seriously, why would anyone buy a PC? I love Windows (cringe), yet abhor the instability most hardware provides...This macbook is the most reliable PC I've ever owned.

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    Comes with a little Bonus!

    Ok, So I got a Retina MacBook Pro and was really struggling with no Numeric Pad. I looked into some Microsoft Keyboards but just loved the design of this one (suiting my MacBook). When I opened the box, there was an extra USB cable extension. This is the best designed extension cable I have ever seen and they do come in handy.

    Great things about this keyboard:
    -Dedicated Delete Key (like on Windows, always use!)
    -Larger, Spread out keys (arrow keys especially)
    -USB Extension cable
    -Price ($80 isn't too bad)

    Grouping this keyboard with a Magic Mouse makes it so much easier to use your MacBook; especially if your Mac tends to stay at home.

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    Great Keyboard

    This keyboard is great. It is a great enhancement to my iMac. It really increased my productivity especially since the layout is allot like a windows keyboard and is great when you switch from a windows but it is still designed for mac. The usb ports are very convenient. Good job apple.

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    Just buy it :)

    I like that it is almost silent and not bulky at all. The spacing of the keys are perfect for me. It works with linux as well. I work in front of a computer all day and this nonbulky, silent and easy to type keyboard definitely improved my effciency. It also looks very elegant...

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    Solid keyboard that meets all of my needs

    I've used a lot of keyboards, and this is the one that works for me. I wish it was offered as wireless, but it's not a deal-breaker. In fact, I much prefer this to the newer, smaller standard-issue wireless iMac keyboard. It's too small. This one also has convenient page up and down keys which I use constantly while browsing the web. IMHO, this is the best keyboard Apple has ever made.

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    Love it

    I replaced our wireless keyboard with this one and have had no issues. I love that it has the 10 key set up on the side unlike the wireless one. I love that it does not use batteries and I love the feel and the ease of use and set up. I was also really impressed to see that it came with a extra piece to make the cord longer if need be. Will be ordering with my next Mac

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    The only keyboard that doesn't give me RSI.

    I've used lots of keyboards, including so-called ergonomic keyboards, and this is the only one that doesn't give me RSI in my forearms.

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    Excellent for all tenosynovitis sufferers

    I have very bad tenosynovitis in my right hand. This Apple keyboard is a joy to use and presents absolutely no problems for anybody who has issues with keyboards which have a lot of travel/vibration when pressing keys

    The keyboard is soft touch and vibrationless with a tiny amount of travel. I never have problems with my tenosynovitis even if using the keyboard a lot.

    The only issue I had with it is that certain keys are in a different place when compared to a Microsoft keyboard. However once used to the difference this is not a problem. It's also the sort of issue which crops up with anything you buy new so I'm not reducing the 5 stars for this as it's a very temporary issue

    I've also had three years of no problem use out of it until I doused it with half a mug of tea yesterday which is why I am here checking the price of a new one!

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    Better Than Wireless

    Much more dependable than my wireless Apple keyboard. The numeric keypad is a bonus.

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    true ergonomics

    i felt symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome for working on the computer all day. this keyboard helped immensely! it's very slim, the angle is perfect, and the feather touch keys are wonderful! truly ergonomic. you'll never ever like another keyboard once you've tried a mac one. :D

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    Works great

    I was having problems with the bluetooth keyboard and mouse, so I bought the usb keyboard. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done. I like having the numeric keypad and the feel of the keyboard is just great. I would recommend getting one of these if you aren't a fan of wireless input devices. The two usb ports come in handy since I no longer have to get behing the IMac to plug a device in.

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